Saturday, June 22, 2013

Beautiful Saturday Morning

Syd the cat is happy that I am finally home, and he gets to go in and out as much as he wants.  I look forward to continuing my saga about the Granville cult, and Nesley's connection.  Stay tuned readership, this is what they feared would happen, they refuse to leave me alone, and so they are going to get exposed.  I wasn't able to burn everything even though I wanted to, and even though I tried.  I will be posting what amounts to as a diagram or dissection of the cult.  They murdered my friend Bob Bueler.  He was my friend, his murder is still unsolved.  They know they killed him, and they know, I if I have to endure a little more discomfort as I connect the dots for you so be it! A little Small Claims Court Case that went on for 2 years only delayed what I am about to do.   Off to Comfest!

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