Thursday, June 13, 2013

It Is Just Us!

As of this morning, my trial is still on.  I am conserving my gasoline, and re reading my whole case this weekend.  I may not be coming to court alone next Monday.  I will be in courtroom B or C on the 12th floor....not the 11th floor as I had thought.  Our names will probably be on the door this time, as it has come full circle for trial in spite of all the delay tactics.  As of today, we only get an hour on public computers at this library, so I will have to be strategic in how I use that hour....particularly before trial.  Closing time on Saturday, I will be here checking the Municipal Court Website...and looking for email from the court.  If I have time, I will put in a blog.  In the meantime....look for the gavel graphic...If you see a gavel and no blog, you will know what I am probably up to.  It has been 2 years and a few days since Nesley destroyed my kiln.  I reckon, it is about time for the day of reckoning:) 

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