Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Springer Circus Came To Town...And I Apparantly Missed It

Dear Readership, I apologize for not not promptly getting back here to blog about Monday's Court Hearing.  Court finally convened after a year almost two of continuances...and apparently I missed all the Jerry Springer type fun that happened out in the lobby while I was preparing.  As you might imagine prospective witnesses have to be outside the court room during court so as to not be able to tailor make their testimony to match whichever side they favor's testimony.  So I didn't witness any of this personally...but the plaintiffs witnesses and reluctant attorney had somewhat of a showdown unbeknownst to me.  These people are so self involved and crude, that they reveal their absurd ass showing...even when it potentially might hurt them.  I spent most of the day yesterday shaking my head and acknowledging that yes indeedy the plaintiffs little band of merry men and not so merry women shock and disgust most outsiders the very first time they meet them.  I guess after 20 years of knowing Nesley and creepy entourage I forget how shocked normal people are, and I have somehow remained immune or detached from it.  I forget just how bizarre they really can be.
The plaintiff had reluctant and no show witnesses that were throwing Nesley and her Lawyer into a tizzy....causing much posturing, shouting in cell phones and negative behavior.  This was reported to me in a condensed version, and it was only after the trial that I learned the gruesome details.  No, I am not surprised....I have been trying to tell people that might have a clue that these people are not right.  I don't know why they are not right.....but they are not right.
After fatiguing court battle that went from 2- almost 7, the judge admitted that he was perplexed and needed a moment before making a ruling.  It was then that I knew that the judge had been infected by the very fatigue and confusion that these crazy making people have imposed upon me for the year I lived at Paul Drive, and the year and a half it has been since then.  They are crazy makers....and in the instance of Nesley Thomas pure evil.  Both C.S. Lewis and M. Scott Peck give the symptoms of fatigue and confusion as tell tale signs of an encounter with Evil.  Peck even goes so far as to say their is a dullness to evil.  I know what they is the sort of thing that when one is in the middle of it, one forgets.  It feels like being lost in a foggy dark forest with no light and no compass.  The Judge felt that way after only a few hours.....and I recognized the cause of it, and I recognized it because I too have felt it for so long.
On the positive side of all this is that I had three very strong loyal women friends that came to court to witness the fiasco.  I was well prepared, and I felt very strong, and just looking at them from time to time, empowered me to proceed with my case with surgical precision.  The battle was long and hard.  I received compensation for my kiln, and the water bill that I had to pay because the plaintiff refused to answer the calls of my attorney 4 months before official eviction.
All my supporters have not weighed in is just one of the women who used the analogy of circus, and it was me who decided upon hearing the antics that it would be very much like a Jerry Springer show, which I have mostly always detested.  I admit a morbid curiosity overtook me the very first time I saw a Springer show.  It is a very creepy sort of experience for the most part.  These people are gross, self centered, bizarre and sometimes frighteningly violent.  You only have to see a few minutes of one or two episodes to get the idea of what it is all about and what it probably is always going to be about.  I don't watch Jerry Springer.  I admire his stamina and tolerance for these creeps.
I spent many quality hours with my cat Syd, and I planted a few seeds this morning and I am trying to rub out the pain in my neck that is the result of shaking my head each and every time I think of my history with Nesley, tenants/work crew, children of the corn!  I am recovering.  I am not in any way shape nor form ready to get back to my artistic pursuits just yet.  There is a legal question or two that I need to clear up to make sure the Springer Circus doesn't follow me to Newark.  The plaintiff got her judgement (which she already had), so I have an official eviction, and the judge deducted the cost of my kiln, and the water bill from her claim.  It is a rather empty victory for her side, as she will have a hell of a time garnishing my SSI check.  She would have to try through this she would be traveling to my turf for her attempt.  If she were so stupid as to try to bring an out of town attorney into this county to try to garnish me, she will encounter something that most of the Columbus attorneys know.....the Judges around here do not want out of town attorneys here.  It has been that way my whole life, and I have made the unfortunate choice to try to get an out of town attorney here....and the attorney mysteriously didn't show up.  So I know it is real.....but does Nesley know it's real.  She already encountered a small town (Mt. Vernon) taking her money cheerfully and then shutting down her operation before she could even open her door for business.  Some towns, just don't tolerate out of town trash.  They wouldn't do well here, but I wouldn't be surprised if she is stupid enough to try it.  And for that reason, I am considering an appeal.  The advantages is that I wouldn't have to deal with would be an appellate court.  It would prevent her from officially being able to garnish or attempt to, until the appeal was ruled upon.  As I said, I am considering doing this.  Sometimes when you stomp on a bug, you find out it isn't quite dead....and you have to stomp on it again....just to make sure.  
Being in that kind of mood, I am not ready to pick up my grant writing fact one of the women who came to court is pretty sure Nesley can collect on any future grants I may receive!  Well if that's the case, I won't be writing any grants.  So that is the legal question I have to get answered.  Had I got the original eviction overturned, she wouldn't be able to follow me around and hassle me for money that I really do not owe her, as their ought to be some monetary recompense for abusing power.  More on that later.  I need to get back outside in the sunlight and try to wash off the sticky ichyness of the whole experience.  I would rather be painting, or sculpting, and making my next creations.  But I am not going to whistle past the graveyard and pretend that I don't know what she might do.  Evil is evil, whether our friends see it or not.  I am exhausted, and I am just as perplexed as the judge was.  I empathize.  It is over for that Judge.  He doesn't ever have to encounter Nesley's entourage again.  I hope it is over for me too.  But I know Nesley is just crazy enough to not let this be over.....and if thats the case, then I guess I will have to use some of my legal talent in a final attempt to stop her.  Who knows.....if I write a good enough appellant brief, I could effect Ohio Landlord tenant law.  Hopefully, make it so a property owner has to show clear title, and be currant on their taxes, and register their rentals. Nesley testified to 9 properties yesterday.  Her workman, who didn't hear her testimony said it was 4.  He also said it took 5 men to move my kiln.  You have seen the pictures dear readership.  It was only 3, one man and two teenage boys.  So he lied, she lied, and Paula Jean apparently left before she could lie.  I am just so glad that I don't have to ask anyone to lie for me, and that I would have 3 strong loyal friends to offset the frinemys that I no longer wish to associate with.  Thanks Aunt Sue, Gail, and Vick for witnessing 4 hours of the same theater that I have had to endure.  The judge complemented me on my conduct and the way I had handled the case.  He somewhat slited the attorney and just said, Mr. Parry obviously knows his way around the courtroom.  My girlfriend Eve, says the Judge was really slamming him.  I didn't catch that.....but hey, I didn't know they were practicing for Jerry Springer out in the what do I know?  Nothing is seldom as it seems I guess.  Hopefully, I will have a plan by tomorrow this time.  I don't have to appeal until I get the written ruling.

PS.  There is a glitch in this computer or the blog today.  There are no links to women or cell phones....underlined in my text....but that is what is coming up published.  I apologize for dead links in the text.....they are not my design and I can't find the glitch.

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