Monday, June 24, 2013

Granville Ghoul Club

Just for those of you who haven't been able to wrap your head around the sophistication of this cult I was in 18 years ago, their criminalization of me, and my most recent legal encounter with Nesley Thomas, this is from my scrapbook.  I decided to bite the bullet and get my pictures, mailing lists, etc. out for inspection, even though I would rather be doing almost anything else.

  I was writing a book called The Church Of The Double Cross this winter.  I put that project down, so I could focus on my court case, and so I could make art.  You can see how loving they are in the photos.....all smiles.  You would never think that they would pretend to be my friend and then betray me, and try to drag me through the court system, make me homeless and penniless.  You wouldn't think they would try to route me into an unneeded surgery, that I probably wasn't supposed to survive.  You wouldn't think they would pretend to leave the cult when I did, and even verify my story to Lori.....Nesley did....and if you know Lori, she just might tell you both Nesley and Jean verified my story.  Much has happened since then.  Much betrayal, and misplaced trust.

  I haven't given out any names yet (Except Nesley Thomas after she busted my kiln and broke her word) in this blog...I was waiting to see just what sort of chaos they would send my addition to contacting my landlord and leaving dead animal parts of my doorstep this spring...hours before my show in Westerville.  I suspect the spirituality circle my sister was going to when I lived out there last year just might be connected, or modeled after (Ohio Aglow).  Her betrayal, and the similarity of the attempt to have me arrested reeks of this same cult, and their personal brand methodology.  Maybe she didn't know.  Maybe she was lured into that group the same as I. Maybe they were blackmailing her too.   Maybe one of them in the bottom photo is in her spirituality group in Frazeysburg.  Stay tuned dear readership.  I have so much to share with you to give you the background.  Nesley is in the top photo right bottom corner....yes those are her legs!  She is also in the center of the bottom photo.  In the top photo they are all wearing my labyrinth know, the labyrinth that the paper says was created 3 years ago.  This photo was taken in 1996.....well before the fictitious revisionist story the paper printed last August.  The paper has yet to retract or correct the story even though the artist (Me) is having a local show this August.  They refuse to do any publicity about my show at the Library in August.  But you can just bet that if I committed some sort of crime between now and then.....they would print that!

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