Saturday, October 17, 2015

Wire Wrapping Arrow Points

This morning has been productive.  I stripped the garden of cherry tomatoes in anticipation of possible frost.  Next, I worked on my painting Syd's World.  While the paint was drying, I soldered a little silver ring to go around my newest arrow point.  These are two artifacts from Licking County.  The white one is from Cornell Steps near Black Hand Gorge near Tobosso (Old Hanover), and the black point is from a field near 586 and Perryton near Frazeysburg Rd.  The Tobosso arrow head is wire wrapped with 18 gauge copper wire and beaded with buffalo bone, and the thhe Perryton arrow head is wire wrapped with 18 gauge sterling silver wire with a sterling silver snake chain.  I am not willing to part with these, but am perfectly willing to wire wrap arrow points for other collectors for a minimal charge.  

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