Thursday, September 10, 2015

Switching Gears Today

It is very dark with every light on, and every window shade pulled back today.  This morning, I switched canvas's and am concentrating on Syd's World.  Syd's world is upside down in reality right now because the visiting mother cat is impeding his entrance and exit to his home.  I feel bad about that, and I am planning on making some corrections so that both he and I can get back to work.

My neighbors own this mother cat, and say her name is Baby.  Baby has moved her kittens under my picket fence gate, which is a very poor choice in my opinion as the next time it rains they will drown.  Water pours over the gutter right there.  When she moved them from under the front porch, it was dry and hot.

They are too young to give new homes to just yet, but probably not too young for me to pack them up with the mom and take them back to my neighbors who can afford them.

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