Friday, October 2, 2015

Look What They Done To My Song....Ma

Gotta love these girls!  I always put Melanie as someone I should emulate.  I was not a Buddhist, or a Christian, but her words and chords resonated in me.  They still do.  I still wish I could find a good book to live in....and I still have those feelings.  I know she was talking about me when she wrote.everything after that.  I am guilty.  I confess.  I repent.  Will it stop endless war?  Will it stop my sister from continuing to be a meth head?  Will we stop hurting each other? Probably not.  I will still sing her (Melanie's) songs at the top of my lungs in anticipation of all these things.  They are lieing to us about  everything in terms of war.  How do I know that?  I do not watch TV,  I do not buy a newspaper.  I  do not buy into this bullshit propaganda that my friends and colleagues buy into as they watch TV every night, and are always on their phone looking at something....more important than what we are experiencing a bee hive, or butterfly's or even a mugging on my street  Honest to God people are not paying much attention...  Anyway....I love to hear someone paying attention and singing back to someone like Melanie.

I don't know who that other woman is.  She is good though  Let me know, she has a great voice.

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