Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How About This?

In terms of the eminent global takeover?  How about all of us disengaging from JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sacks?  Vote with your dollars.  How much humanitarian work have these people done?  Nada. I know this is a very unpopular opinion.  But these companies made money as people I loved lost their homes during 2008.  So now, they are putting pressure on Greece.  Greece didn't owe all the debt they are charging them with.  We need to vote with our dollars.  Put these banksters out of business.  Watch....they will shut my blog down, because I pointed out they are not for the people.  Look up the history of these two companies....and you will see what I see.  Why do we blindly follow them, invest in them, deposit our hard earned money in their accounts?  Can you show me one time, when these two companies have ever helped anyone out?  You can't.  I can't either.  Shortest distance between two points is stop their income.

They are coming for your savings and your pensions my friend.  You should withdraw everything out of their banks and stop investing before they screw you.  They want our country to be insolvent.  They pull the strings behind the Greece, Iceland, Argentina bailouts...and insolvency.  The fat cats make money, while the people suffer.  Lets stop them.  Take your money out of their control and put it into local credit union, and invest in anything that is not Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan Chase controlled.  If everyone does it all at once, then it will make the greatest statement.  Anyone that can afford it, should vacation in Greece this year.  Pay with anything other than the Euro!  Greece can make it, but they need to make their own money without the raw deal that Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase gave them.  The time is now.  Vote with your Un dollars.  That will show them that they can not do the same thing around here (U.S.A.).  Listen to Alex Jones.  He does not lie!

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