Thursday, August 13, 2015

Deeply Offended

I hate these books.  If I could, I would take them out of our local library.  Unfortunately, it is against the law to do that.  And, I believe, they were put in to replace perfectly wonderful books that actually were stolen. So anyway....I did write a perfectly good short story about the case of the vanishing books.  What I did not consider when I was writing that was that "they" might actually replace those vanishing books with other books.  So now....I have to completely rethink that whole short story...which I always intended to have a sequel.  In case you didn't get my first short story.  Here it is.  Maybe you have some ideas about how I can resolve this story.

  1. The Case Of The Vanishing Books

Once upon a time there was a small town that had a great library. The library was so great that it had to expand, hire new, more advanced and educated help. At the time of the move and expansion there was a great upgrade from the old system (card catalog) to the new digital system (computerized everything).

But there lurked in the small town a group of frightened souls who loathed and feared the contents of the library and vowed to try to censure the books as the books contained enlightenment that would expose the corrupt dark souls and their methodology. So the dark souls devised a way to remove certain books that contained certain enlightenment’s from the library one by one, year after year yielding about 2000 books a year. For 15 years they remained undetected and were confident that they were removing books faster than the new books of enlightenment could come into the library, or even be written. Some of the townsfolk noticed the missing books. They were given various semi-plausible explanations that only now seems lame. It was easy to remove and discard these books as more and more of the townsfolk became enamored and preoccupied with computers and the digital virtual world.

They carefully removed these books by stealing them and systematically discarding them through volunteers as well as patrons. The volunteers became staff. It became more streamline to remove the books of enlightenment as the staff hired on more dark souls, and more dark souls volunteered year after year. There was a continuum. They took the books to an undisclosed location in a nearby village to prepare them for a great burning.

It is written that “wicked witches were invented by frightened men”. Any books written about and by witches had to be removed from the library in order for the frightened men to sleep at night. After the witch books were safely removed the frightened men realized that they were still afraid, even when they were awake…and even in broad daylight! It became clear to them that the witches themselves needed to be removed. Systematically, year after year the frightened men and their women began hunting and trapping local witches, psychics, mid-wives, druids, and sorcerers. Still they were afraid and so they began hunting in larger circles covering more area. Burning books and eliminating people became sport in the small town and nearby towns as well. They extended and expanded to international territories. Fires around the world were aglow.

Feminists were also to be feared and therefor removed from these towns, their books removed from the library shelves. Children's books were vanishing. Imaginary fiction like Harry Potter and Mrs. Pigglewiggles magic gone…leaving the big bad wolf and red ridding hood…so that fear could be cultivated in their young. Books on birth control and even law books were threatening to these frightened people. It was rationalized that people who would try to study law might undermine the frightened mens legal system. And it was rationalized that a woman who would seek natural childbirth and attempt to take control of her own body threatened the local medical establishment. This was more frightening to both the frightened men and their women because they needed to control the genealogy of the whole town to try and protect themselves from the outcomes of their and their childrens mistakes in judgment. Indeed the children and teenagers began lacking good judgment because their choices (books and friends) had been limited and censored. Critical thinking skills were no longer allowed to be taught in the schools of fright. The frightened men knew better than to carelessly interact with the gene pool but had occasional mistakes in their judgment as well. Mistakes had to be corrected at all costs lest their be too much diversity in the frightened men and womens lineage.

Books about the earth and the environment were heavily scrutinized as they might propose ideas that the frightened people were so afraid of as they might lose income that derived from the pillaging and pollution of the planet. Any book that suggested that man kind was murdering the earth was a threat to the frightened people who were of course murdering mother earth in addition to their other crimes. And even though homosexuality and bisexuality were a common thing in nature, the frightened people were afraid of it. Period. It was not enough to eliminate books about this subject. The frightened people were hungry for the hunt. Everybody knows that faggots make the best kindling for the fires for witch and book burning. It finally became legal for gays to serve in the military. They were groomed for the front lines of course. It was a eugenic decision as were most of the decisions made by the frightened people in the frightening town.

Choice and equal rights became scarce as the books continued to vanish along with some of the townsfolk. Anyone different or with different ideas were marked for future bon fires. These “occultic” actions continue to this day unnoticed by most, but becoming apparent to others. It is clear that something has to be done to help the frightened people get over their fright. When everyone and every book is gone and the only ones left are the other frightened souls, they might just start being scared to death of each other and their own dark shadows.

This is a work in progress. It has already happened. Part 2 will be about how the books that have been removed, get replaced. I have some ideas about that:)

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