Friday, November 6, 2015

Bad USB Cord

For a few days I have been wracking my brain and practically throwing things as I have not been able to import a single picture from my camera to my computer.  I was prompted to do many things that would have cost me money that I don't have....yet.  Tonight I think I found the source of the problem.  A USB cord.  Cheap little cord that gets used everyday.  It looks as perfect as the day I got the camera!  I tried everything except follow the promptings from the pop up ads.  I even posted a terrible cropped photo on ebay of one of my blades last night, and still sold it!  In order to troubleshoot the problem, after following all the troubleshooting methods within the computer system, I decided to take the memory card out of my camera and put it into the printer, and try it that way.  Like magic, it worked.  It worked in Picasa, where it would not work going from my camera through the USB into Picasa.  So here is one of those pictures that I could not import.  It is a photo of Johnny Clem, a drummer boy from Newark that I saw at Johnny Clem Elementary School when I voted the other day.  I had heard there is a painting of him there.  I didn't see the painting, but I notice the scenery behind him is indeed a painting of a riverboat etc.  I hope someday to see the painting at Johnny Clem Elementary School....but suspect that there is no painting....just this....a photo in front of a painting.  We will see.  I wish I knew how great or not a drummer he was.  I suspect, not.....the sticks are wrong....perhaps posed.  No drummer that I have ever met would meet both sticks at the same time on the drum head.  Just sayin...Photography doesn't lie, but it doesn't tell the truth either.

Somehow, my readership on this blog hit 20,000 people a couple weeks ago.  I confess, it freaked me out a bit, as I don't know what on earth I could have been writing about that would be so damned interesting.  More will be revealed....I am sure.  I am glad I did not throw money I didn't have towards my camera/computer import problem right away.  Like so many things, I need to ponder the problem, and solution in order to be fiscally responsible.  Can you imagine how mad I would be right now, if I would have taken my computer into a technician and paid $100 to clean it up, only to find out my USB cable was bad, or worn out causing the turmoil.  I actually know people that just throw money like that at the, computer, wives LOL.  

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