Thursday, July 23, 2015

GROSSU: Margaret Sanger, racist eugenicist extraordinaire - Washington Times

GROSSU: Margaret Sanger, racist eugenicist extraordinaire - Washington Times

The so called feminists at First Baptist Church in Granville Ohio had a picture of this woman they worshiped instead of Jesus (who would have been appalled).  They were also knee deep in abortion, sterilization, and involved in taking peoples kids away from them...and the removal of books from the Newark library.  They were sneaky.  Some of them are still alive.  As the globalist plan is coming to light, and the Eugenics underground movement exposed, I can only hope these ghouls are afraid that the sleepwalking public will come for them.  I hope it is soon.  It is not safe to go to Licking Memorial Hospital as long as people like this are involved.  It is not safe to go to Moundbuilders Guidance Center as long as the Granvillians have their hand in it.  They have changed the name of the church, but I suspect they continue with their sneaky practices.  I noticed they themselves had children, while destroying Newark's children.  Granville Ohio is a scenic cesspool of these racists.  They can not succeed or continue when the cold spotlight of truth is shown on their little plots.  Now that planned parenthood has been caught selling baby parts....apologized, then got exposed again I can only imagine their fear.  They know about the Newark (New Ark) Eugenics project.  They know Licking County has quietly been harvesting organs for decades.  Time for the Nuremberg Trials.  I hope I live to see it.  I will be in the front row when these witches get tried for their heinous crimes.

If only Margaret would have convinced the Klan to sterilize themselves that day....instead of the "unfit"; we wouldn't have the racism we have in the 21st century.  Wake up dearest readers, these same psychopaths are planning on wiping out most of the population on our planet.  They will come as missionary's.  They will come as well meaning doctors without borders.  They will pretend to be an advocate and a counselor, while all along they mean to destroy you and your offspring.

This is coming to light these days.  The people of the world are waking up.  There will not be any safe haven for them when the jig is up...not even Granville Ohio. 

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