Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Green House On Eddy Street

Today, I started adding the foliage to the most recently started painting.  The owners have the original drawing, and I am working from a scan.  My art students are learning in leaps and bounds.  This summer, they have watched and influenced Syd's World which I intend to finish up when they go to Hilton Head on vacation.  It has been my intention, to show them as much as I can in anticipation of sunny beaches, and water scenes.  Hopefully, they will take many pictures as they see how I work both with photos and plein air painting style.  My house was empty of canvas's after I put my paintings on display at Don & Sue's Pizza, so I decided to start more art, while zeroing in on my commission.  Hopefully, I will finish the commission, get it to it's new location and owner, and still have plenty of started canvas's to work on this fall and winter.
 Syd's World is hanging in my living room, ready to be snatched off the wall, and put back up on the easel as more images emerge.  I can see a pair of boots on a register, under the coat.  A muffler.  The door handle.  Tiles in the bathroom, and another book on the nightstand.  Who knows what else will reveal itself to me, as I work without planning art lessons, and miss my little art students.

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