Monday, December 28, 2015

My Masonic Roots

It is no accident that within my jewelry and ornaments that there is a strong masonic component.  My first exposure to the Masonic was through learning to cut stones 30 years ago.  After a couple years of learning to cut stones, I wanted to learn silversmithing.  I simply made the objects that I couldn't afford.  But all along the way, I became aware that everyone around me was being influenced by symbology. These are powerful influences in our society....logos, symbols, artifacts.  I had to study them in order to make them...and to remake them.  I can make anything you can imagine.  I doubt that you can imagine something that has not been manipulated in order to influence you though.  This is a collection of practice.  From now on, I will make ornaments that the "globalists" can not make.  My eBay score hit 400 today.  I am proud of that.  It means 100% satisfaction.  Let me know, if you want something that I can make for you.  The rest of what you see here, will be marketed this coming year...through eBay, and otherwise.  The other methods are much more powerful.  I still cut stones.  I still study symbols, and I still try to make objects that you can not buy in the mall.   Thank you for continuing to inspire me.

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