Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Real Culprit Behind These Shootings

Which object in this photo is the most dangerous?  The pills are real.  The bullets have been disabled.  My suspicion is that the potato and the onion are the most dangerous as they could be GMO.  The bullets are a symbol (they have had the powder taken out of them for art).  The pills I can not pronounce, and were prescribed to me for pain.  I stopped taking them in April...but the vegetables....I don't know.  I do know that Facebook has censored a No GMO application.  Why would they do that?  I also know that all the killers that we think of as nut jobs have a connection to our CIA.  I also know that more than half of our population are on prescription drugs.  I ask you again.  Which of these things in the picture are more dangerous?  Wake up.  Wake other people up.  Prepare for what comes next.  Are you gonna be tricked by a symbol...a dead bullet, or something they are trying to trick you into buying.  What is the most threatening....a symbol, or the reality?

PS  My pain continues even after I stopped taking the pills.  Identical.

PS PS...Columbine....Kids on meds.  Charlestone....kid on meds....Chatanooga adult on meds.  Correct me if I am wrong....we should not be banning the confederate flag before we look into the psyche meds these shooters were on.  Just sayin.  

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