Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nerk Jerks

Stephen King would have a field day
In my hometown.
There’s Pennyroyal The Clown,
Watership Down,
the two Edgars…
Casey and Poe.
Back pack U-haul meth-labs,
Nazi doctors next door
Not to mention dead ravens galore.

Confidentiality…a meaningless formality.
Missionary’s and The Falun Gong
On the road to kingdom come.
Snare traps everywhere set to spring
on those who only wish
to do the next best first right thing.

Monsters and crooks laughing at my expense.
Balance hanging in suspense.
Fat lady sings at Satan’s Mass,
But I am she who’s laughing last.

© Concha Castaneda 2013

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