Sunday, April 7, 2013

Metal Quilt Goes To Ohio State

The Quilt Of Elizabeth Brim is now at The Ohio State University at Nisonger Center - UCEDD 357 McCampbell Hall 1581 Dodd Dr.  Columbus Ohio 43210.  Go see it if you can dear readership.  It will go to an undisclosed patron after the tour.  Now that I have washed the pig out of my hair, I am going to use the pieces that are left over, and do another one. 

I am hoping to have the second one finished by August, so that I can bring it with me to this library.  Keep your fingers crossed for me dear readership, I am hoping to put the second one up in a permanant public instalation before I move back to Columbus.  All of this will depend on the greedy piggies who are sure to meet their end in Franklin County municiple court system this summer.  I appologize if I have offended any of you in my comments about them.  They damn near runined my life, in addition to my beloved kiln and equipment.  I hate pedaphiles as I have said many times, and I am lookin forward to puttin at least one on the radar of everyone who is paying attention.  Ohio landlord tenant law is very one sided.  A tenant can be evicted immediately without a court hearing for dealing drugs in Ohio, but a landlord like Nesley Thomas is free to deal drugs from each of her properties without hinderance.  That is just the way it is, until the laws can be updated.  I wouldn't have any problem with Nesley dealin a little dope, but she has to involve teenagers, and that makes her someone that you need to keep out of your neighborhood and out of reach of your own teenagers.  In the meantime, till June 17th, she is free to travel around to her various properties thumbing her nose at the police, and the judicial system.  I am hoping that one of you spot her, and shut her down.  I will be happily working on my projects till I face her in court.  Looks like I might have an attorney representing me by then.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, and your eyes wide open!

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