Saturday, April 13, 2013

The New Sparta


I had a fantastic lunch with my girlfriends Thursday at the NEW Sparta.  I loved the old Sparta.  It was about the only place in town you could get breakfast for $1.99.  It had a GRAND candy counter!  It is a fantastic old building, and the new owner is art friendly!  Hapi bought us lunch.  I had a burrito that only Chipoltles or Hapi herself could beat.
  I highly recommend the Sparta if you are going to be in downtown Newark.  Check out the art that is around the top of the room.  I am impressed with this guys paintings (forget his name at the moment).  I guess he was there, when we were there Thursday, and I just didn't know who he was.  One of my friends is interested in purchasing one of the artists paintings.  Had we known he was right in the restaraunt, we might have made a sale right on the spot.  I will run into him one of these days and I will blog about him.  Artists in Newark Ohio need to stick together.  As long as I am here, I may as well form an art group.  The Sparta would be the perfect place to hang out...and hang art. 

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