Monday, April 8, 2013

Every Little Bit Helps

Last February I took my modem with me when I moved out of my sisters house near Frazeysburg.  When I signed with HughesNet I was promised a rebate, and that the system would move with me, should I move.  The rebate was much like a root canal.  Don't fall for that dear readership.  It was almost the hardest $90 I ever earned!  Within a week of moving last February, I called them and tried to arrange moving the unit to my new address through their customer service.  I was promised much, and nothing happened except a $700 charge on my credit report.  I found out there was a class action lawsuit against HugheNet for the very thing I was upset about...namely them lying to I signed up.
It has been a year since I went out to my sisters house and precariously hung over the edge of her roof to unbolt the unit to send it back to them.  Last Friday I got a check.  It cost me a stamp, and a trip out to my sisters with a couple of tools.  Not only did I get money, but I got that blemish off of my credit report.  Thanks HughesNet!  Perhaps being vigilant and diligent will help me get square with the credit reporting agencies.  One thing for sure is: had I not pursued it, I would have been responsible for this injustice which was not my fault, nor in the realm of my control.

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