Monday, April 29, 2013

Guardians Downtown

It seems like everywhere I go there are cat guardians!  This lion is on The Louis Sullivan building in downtown Newark.  I must have walked past this for years never seeing it.  Today I looked up.  For some reason my brain came up with Aslan...which might have been the lion character in the CS Lewis series The Lion, Witch, and The Wardrobe.  There are some things in this town that I am going to miss.
Tomorrow evening there is going to be a demonstration at Shilo church about the criminal justice PROBLEM in this county.  It is my belief that having the law library locked to the public is just a symptom...of the larger cause.  You have to be in "the club" here in order to be protected by the law.  Having a very negative experience in this little hell hole of a town, I can relate to people wanting to demonstrate.  No one was demonstrating back in 1998 when I got screwed here.  I couldn't even get any of my friends to go with me to court!  "Nothing is real unless it is happening to you..." Melanie Safka sang.
So here is what I think...more cowbell.....more cat and lion guardian sculptures in every nook and cranny in Newark.  Let us start with the criminal justice system itself.  Weed out the corrupt cops and judges....first.....
I gotta get out of this place!  I have to wonder what is going on with this blog.  A few days ago I had 577 page views.  The only other time that has happened is when I was writing about The First Baptist Cult in Granville...home of the largest wasp nest!  End of rant. 
Last night I drummed in Columbus with a large gathering of women drummers.  We drummed, sang, and howled at the moon.  I miss Columbus.  I told the group that I was being held in Licking County against my will, and I was trying to make it back to Columbus.  I felt energized afterward, and many women wished me well, and hoped I could come back to Columbus soon.  So I am putting it out there...I feel like I was tricked into coming back here, and now that I am back here...well I plan on focusing on the good things, and good places...but if per chance I get an opportunity to inform folks about the corruption here, and the wasps of Granville....the corrupt legal system and good ole boy network....I am gonna do it.  People must have been sleepwalking in 98.  Nothing like a bitch slap from reality to wake everybody up!

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