Monday, April 22, 2013

Neighborhood Watch Clean Up Yesterday

We have neighborhood watch signs posted on our street, and Granville street now.  Yesterday, was a gorgious day, and I participated in a neighborhood watch group clean up.  Today, someone from the Property Maintanance Department came to talk to my neighbor who is moving out.  I have to wonder why they are not alerted to the drug house on Granville Street that does not have a U-Haul outside, and almost as much of an eyesore...if not more.  We all know the house on Granville Street is a drug house, yet my neighbor (not a drug dealer) who is moving is the one who is officially being visited!  More will be revealed I guess.

  I got my 2nd pledge for Rubio's operation, and my friend Sally is going to make his appointment in the next few days.  I really feel very privleged to live in a nice neighborhood such as mine after the last two residences and awful experiences.  We noticed that many of our neighbors now have home security and survelance systems up and operating, so maybe the folks who are breaking into the cars will be caught and prosecuted soon.  I am feeling safer and safer in spite of the recent threats on both Syd and my life.  I suppose technically bombing my house and taking Syd is not actually a threat on my life...just stealing my cat and blowing up my possissions.  Given the recent happenings in Boston....well....I just don't know what to think.  I know I am not going to cower in fear!

  I will be finishing up on bench projects today and tomorrow and hoping to meet with the fello who owns the Sparta sometime this week.  A fiscal sponsor is in the works, and I am now ready to submit grant proposals.  I walked to the library today as I am trying to keep enough gasoline in the car for Rubios appointment.  Please feel free to donate through paypal for this operation.  Anything extra that I might get in pledges, will be given to Second Chance Humane Society.  Rubio still needs a good home.  He likes it here, but he would be safer in someone elses care as Syd can not have another cat house mate. 

Forsythia is in bloom...almost all the way.  Hopefully spring is here to stay, and hopefully it will get warmer.  Please consider helping Rubio out by making a small contribution to his operation.  I have 2 pledges to collect and then I can start planning on how to get him into the cat carrier. 
He is going to make someone a very fine house cat!

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