Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Signs Signs...Everywhere There's Signs

Syd is hiding out in a new spot.  He is my dresser drawer cat yesterday and today.  The U-Haul pulled up next door, and Syd fled his beloved spot in the front window.  My cat does not like upheaval.  He is fractured mentally from all the moves we have made since Deming Avenue (3 moves in two years?).  It will all be over in a couple days and all the moving noises over with and maybe then he will return to his sunny spot in the front window.  Until then, I have free reign at in my own workspace.  I have still not received word formally about fiscal sponsorship.  Without that piece, I can not proceed in my grant writing process. 
I am hoping to check my email once a day, get Rubio neutered and finish my coil pot.  Acrylic paint is on the way and I am having a great time imagining the series of paintings I will do this coming year.  Now that I know that I can hang a few paintings at the Sparta....subject to approval of course, the canvases I retrieved from the dumpster at CCAD can be started and hung up on the wall.  I have so much wall space in my new apartment that I could probably fill it with 10 or 15 paintings.  There is the second metal quilt ready to start as soon as I replace drill bits...the lie catcher that now needs to be much bigger to contain the much bigger lies that I am finding.  More on that later.  Please consider making a $12 dollar donation to Rubios operation as that is how much money I am shy in this whole process.  See the donate button at the top of the blog.  I have freed up my time, so that I am ready to take him as soon as I obtain the funds and get a ride.  Thank you everyone who contributed. Rubio will live longer because of you.  Rubio still needs a home after he returns from his operation.  He is a very wonderful sweet little cat.


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