Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Artist Visit

My artist friend Judith is coming to visit me today.  She is the woman who gifted me my kiln.  Who knows what all we will get into today?  She came to The Day Of The Arts For All show, and she brought me a banding wheel...which I am happily using this week.  No kiln in sight...just trust that if I do the work, the goddess will provide the kiln.  I am so hoping we can visit my friend who has a wonderful painting by Haydee Scull.  Judith would love it. 
I am not sure that you can tell by my photograph, but the figure in the foreground of this painting is a "character" that was an everyday street person in Havana where the Scull twins did their art.  He is 3 dimensional and appears in several of their paintings.  My friend tells me he is called the 4th Musketeer!
   I will be back here tomorrow, and share more about both this painting, the artist personality who painted it, and my day today...which promises to be another great one in a whole string of great ones!

Post script:  The clay tools in the photo are clay tools I made a few years ago, and I have been waiting for almost two years to get back to my clay projects.  Nesley only slowed me down when she destroyed my kiln.  She did not stop me!  I will see you in Hell Nesley.  I will use you as fuel to fire the kilns of hell!

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