Tuesday, April 16, 2013

3 Coins For Sale

The weekend was very productive.  I have sold almost all of my coin buttons, so I needed to make a few for show and tell.  I submitted my application for Pearl Ally Market on Saturday.  Maybe they got it today.  I will be very busy in the next few weeks trying to increase my inventory and filling a couple orders.  Thanks Ruth, for your commissions!  I love making jewelry for friends who will wear it.  I get to see my work that way!

These coins are discontinued and damaged.  The smaller dime is interesting, and may be worth a lot of money.  I have never seen an undersized dime before.  I will be putting it up for auction on eBay, and maybe on Etsy if it doesn't sell today.
I am getting quite an assortment of buttons.  Someone donated a bunch of opened cans of paint in all colors.  I will be able to recycle that  into recycle signs and maybe even paintings, without too much problem.  There is a bracelet and ring that need my attention, and I have my clay and banding wheel out in the middle of my kitchen table.  Lots going on, and  I may not be back for a couple days dearest readership as I like to use my momentum when it comes like this.  I guess it is like surfing...hoping to catch the big wave. 

And please remember Rubio.  He really needs a home, and a bath whichever comes first.  I have a donate button at the top of this blog.  I need to raise $55 to neuter him.  If you can help out...now is a good time.  His other family is moving today, and I know they are gonna leave him behind.  That leaves me...and his next owner hopefully.  Any takers?  I am not allowed to have him.

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