Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Recycle Gently:)

Today was trash day dearest readers.  I am finding that there is less and less to put out for Big O Recycling.  I am getting a little more creative with these signs as you can see.  I added plastic to the mix...well...because I am actually quite fond of cutting up credit cards and loyalty cards.  My landlord recycles, and she took some wooden blue letters off of a homemade sign from way back when she got it for a marriage gift.  I am so grateful that she thought of me before she just tossed the sign away!  The next sign is going to be even more playful as I am going to incorporate the little green monopoly houses I couldn't resist keeping.  I have been busy writing my new updated artist statement with a lot of help from my librarians.  I wanted my artist statement to reflect my use of recycled materials as that seems to be the direction my art is taking me.  I guess I need to put this on my website when I get around to updating Divine Designs.  So much to little time to do seems.  Here it is for your contemplation.  Let me know if you can think of anything I am leaving out, and always...a better way to say it.

Art has been the most deliberate form of communication for me since I could pick up a crayon.  It was, and is, as natural as breathing for as long as I can remember, and I can imagine it has been the same for artists throughout time.

 My interest and use of recycled materials to make art began as a result of poverty, and continues in spite of it!  The question I always ask is “how can I make something out of nothing”, or more precisely “how can I make something out of something that no one else wants or appreciates”?
I believe our wasteful society discards objects and materials that can be transformed into art and artifacts.  My deliberate use of recycled, nontraditional materials will hopefully communicate a new purpose and value to these items that would otherwise be destined to fill our landfills. 


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