Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Garnishment Hearing

Wish me luck dear readers.  I go to court today to question the defendent (2011) about her assetts etc.  I have given her every opportunity to make good on the phone bill that she owes me for, that is harming my credit score.  She made the calls after I moved, and after I had gotten new phone service.  The confusion that she capitalized on was that she requested to keep the phone number.  This was a phone number that she had had for years, so I didn't have any problem with her keeping it.  I had moved on...or so I thought.  The day I got new phone service, both she and I talked to the phone there really shouldn't have been any confusion whatsoever.  She had not paid the bill, they had shut off her internet, but not the she got internet through time warner cable, and then ran the phone up to $158.  It was quite cleaver, but it was al unbeknownst to me, as she did not forward the phone bills, nor the bill collectors threatening mail.  I guess she just figured out that what I didn't know, wouldn't hurt me.  But it did hurt me.  To this day, her phone bill is on my credit report.
So today, I put on the inquisitors cap and question her in front of a judge, in order to proceed with garnishment.  It has been almost 2 years since the evil deed was done.  I would probably have just let it slide, if it were not for the fact that she, Nesley Thomas, Dee Ames cooked up a civil protection order/arrest (that failed) in order for her to avoid going to court over this, and of course had they succeeded the plaintiff (Nesley Thomas) would have had keys to my house, when I was safely locked away in jail.
Lucky for me I have angels lookin out for me.
At the 11th hour, the Art Council may be able to provide me with legal representation for my court case tomorrow with Nesley Thomas which has had 6 continuances.  As of today, I do not know.  I have a strong case, with or without representation.  It could very well be that that case gets kicked up into a higher court, with higher money involved.  One thing is for credit report took two hits from both these women.  If I can set this right, I will do it.  Who knows dear readership, I may be firing pots in my new kiln, by the end of next month:)

Post Script:  The defendant was a no show.  I am not sure what happens next, perhaps a bailiff will have to serve the defendant at work or at home, perhaps it will go to the extreams....either her car impounded or a bench warrant.  I know I wouldn't want to take those chances.  How you can turn a $158 phone bill into a $300 debt to the court,  get your car impounded, or get locked beyond my comprehension.  The defendant has not ever seen the inside of Franklin County Jail.  I have, and I can assure you, I don't ever want to go back to that filthy hell hole.  I would be paying my debt and trying to stay on the other side of the law...just sayin. 

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