Friday, April 12, 2013


Yesterday, was the most exquisite day!  I got to hang out with two of my girlfriends, have lunch at Sparta, sold two feathers and a bracelet...all before noon!  I did some bead trading after lunch, which believe you me dear readers needed to happen, as I can't possibly use all the beads that have been given to me in the last year.  I am having trouble finding a good place to store them.  The more beads I give away, the more I seem to aquire.  Later in the day, I attended a talk at the library from a teen fiction fantasy writer who reinspired me to get back to my short stories. After that I finally hooked up with Second Chance Humane Society who will find foster homes for my mother and her three kittens:)
  This weekend I am going to spend the time in my workshop trying to put together a whole set of buttons, both copper and silver if I can manage it.  If the weather holds, I may spend some time outside making a coil pot with my new banding wheel that I have been anxious to get back to.  It has been 2 years since I have been able to do ceramics!  I have had to hold off on my clay projects outside because the mama cat occupied my outside art table in order to guard her kittens.
  My eBay auctions are not doing all that well this week.  I wonder if it is because there are no catagories assigned for recycled coin buttons... maybe they just are not coming up in the search engines in the places customers would see them.  It is OK though, I really can not devote the time to eBay that I could if I had a home computer.  It would be easy to miss a question, or miss a last minute sale.  People might not be patient enough to wait a day in our fast paced marketing world.  I just don't have the technology to keep up the speed.  I almost sold a copper penny button yesterday that was up for auction on eBay.  That could have been a disaster, had the auction ended this Sunday and nothing to send the buyer!  That sort of thing can easily happen with my inventory being as fluid as it has been.  I am glad that I didn't wait for retirement to pursue my art and my hobbies.  I might just have not ever gotten around to it if I had waited.  I will be back here on Monday doing the paper chase and applying for my next grant.  Hopefully, I will have something new to show you.  Thank you girlfriends for all your inspirations.

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