Sunday, April 21, 2013

Neighborhood Watch Clean Up Today

All my projects, including grant writing are put on hold today.  Today our neighborhood watch group are meeting to pick up trash in the neighborhood.  It is a gorgeous day, and I am looking forward to getting out in the fresh air, meeting some of my neighbors, and sprucing things up.  I have brass, copper, and silver feathers on the bench...two bracelets, 8 penny's...and my clay project in the works.  My other art projects are put on hold until I can obtain some acrylic paint and some black velvet.  I will be doing one black velvet painting in a series of 8. won't be Elvis, or a bull fight...although I have definitely toyed with the idea of bull fighter gored by a victorious bull.  Too gory for even bad? 
I hope to meet the neighbor who contributed to Rubio's upcoming operation today.  I am going to keep the donation button up as I do not have the gas to get to and from Johnstown.  I sold 8 penny's and will be expecting a payment in the mail this week.  As soon as I have all the funding together, I will make his appointment.  Thank you everyone who contributed.  Rubio could still use a good home.  He is a very friendly loving cat.  I wish I could keep him, but it would not be fair to Syd or my landlord.

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