Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Art In Sparta

My friend Judith and I had an exquisite day yesterday, and once again I ended up at The Sparta restaurant.  There really is no better place to take an artist friend in this town.  There are paintings all around the perameter, and I actually met the painter yesterday.  This was my third visit to The Sparta in a month, and the owner Chris Ramsey recognized me yesterday.  Now I had been hearing lots of good stuff about Chris and he was anxious to show me a drawing that a patron had recently done while sitting at the counter...on what looked like a grocery bag.  Chris has an eye for talent, and from what I gather a gargantuous heart.  By the end of our lunch, I had made preliminary arrangements to hang one of my paintings there along with the rest of the "starving" (not in Chris's restaurant) artist's.  I deliberated for the rest of the day which of my paintings would fit in, and I settled upon Three Kool Kats which is a painting I did in 2007.

I have decided to rename the painting after Jennifer Hanbick's article Word To The Wise: Be careful Where You Put Your Mural.   I was quoted in that article as I was very upset about the act of covering up my favorite Columbus mural. I had voiced my opposition, and The Short North Gazette called me up on the phone and printed part of my rant. Now most of the art I do has a theraputic purpose, and this painting was no exception.  I was so upset when Union Station pushed the facade of their building forward covering up the mural that I wanted to commit the crime of property damage.  I wanted to destroy the facade with my truck, as many times as they built it...I thought!  Instead, I did this painting, and never stepped foot in Union Bar even when I had a coupon for a free meal gifted to me!  I remain a free person, without having to go to jail over the whole raw deal.  That is what art therapy is about dear readers...or at least in part.  So please, when you are visiting Newark, check out the art at the Sparta.  You will know the story behind this painting if Chris hangs it. 

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