Friday, November 23, 2012

What would Durga Do?

There was a great tradition among the Cheyenne dog soldiers… They would get a tanned rope, called a dog rope…and a picket pin that’s used to stake horses to the ground. They would attach the picket pin to the sash, the dog rope, that was attached to them. And then in battle they would drive the picket stake into the ground. And that was done as a mark of resolve. Because once it’s driven, you can’t leave until either you’re dead or you’re relieved by another dog soldier or the battle’s over and everyone is safe. So the question I ask people is…where will you drive your picket pin? Where will you stake yourself out and say I’m not going to retreat any more?
Derrick Jensen, Endgame

I could not do a traditional Thanksgiving this year after contemplating what a "revisionist" holiday it has come to be.  I grew up with the pilgrim stories like everyone else, family ritual turkey everyone else.  I ran away from home one Thanksgiving and spent Thanksgiving with a family in Buffalo New York.  I admit that it felt weird.  There was absolutely no abuse!  I am grateful for the kindness and good times that people have shared with me throughout my journey on this earth plane.  You know who you are good people.  I thought of you yesterday.

I am not going to run from my abusers while I am here in Newark.  That cult is alive, well, and thriving.  They are recreating the history of the labyrinth that I helped construct in 1996.  I guess they need a false history in order to reset the trap!  They are still removing books from the libraries so that women (mostly) do not have access to knowledge.  Not a single book remains on the subject of ritualistic abuse from the 90's!  Most of the books I read back then have been stolen or discarded.  In their place....books that would victimize the person seeking that knowledge.  It is insidious.  I am lucky that I already read and know what I need to know.  After you know what you know, you know?  You can quote me on that.

At the suggestion of librarian's (plaural) I began making an outline for a book that I am going to write.  In doing so I realized that I have two books at the very least that are trying to surface.  Two outlines, for two books.  One book about the process of metalsmithing and the other about the specifics of the local chapter and schematics of ritual abuse, and my experience strength and hope as a survivor.
Recently, I read in two books that I own that copper was first used in 8000 BC.  These are giants in the field of jewelry design.  But it just is not so.  They have pulled up copper implements, and ornaments out of the local mounds here in Ohio that predate that!  I can imagine that one metalsmith quoted the other metalsmith in his book and therefore we have two important books with revised history!  I can see how it happens.  I can also see how it can be manipulated to happen.  The other day I purchased a law book that is specific to Ohio Rules of Law 2010 in the discard room.  Having spent so many hours at the law reference table I knew that the book I paid a quarter for was more current than the reference books upstairs.  So the cult has someone working diligently at both the Newark and Granville library that is getting rid of books.  That was happening in 1999 when I left Licking County.

So in answer to Derrick Jenson's original quote at the beginning of this blog today.  My two books in outline form are my picket pin.  The message to the current cult members is pretty clear...I will work on what is in front of me first and foremost.  If you send more of your shithead members after me to torture me further....I will work on the book about your cult with the link analysis to go with.  If you leave me the hell alone I will work on the jewelry book.  It is up to you.  I have one of your members in a monkey trap right now in Columbus.  She is a pedophile.  I hate them.  You sent her after me to torture me.  I knew it, but I could never prove it.  I am not letting her go.  I am not walking away from exposing her in court, and I am going to enjoy beating the snot out of her legally.  She can thank you for that.  If I were you I would punish her for being so obvious.  Remember she made a video of the Granville Labyrinth.  She has created writing the references it.  I will be submitting some of her writing about my participation in the Labyrinth project in court on the 20th.  That will make it a public that is in opposition to your recent local newspaper story.  You have careless members...too grandiose...too greedy.  You will have to do better than the plasticine witches next time.  But hey.....listen here, there better not be a next time.  I think this library needs some more books on ritual abuse and the connection to Granville Ohio so as people will stay out of your little theme park village, and maybe not use the hospital, or the local lawyers. have lots at stake, but trying to control all information is over the top....not subtle enough.  Tricks are for kids....silly rabbit.

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