Sunday, November 4, 2012

Revisionism Or Poor Journalism?

The recent news that Denison University has built a new concrete labyrinth with grant money did not escape my attention because of the article in The Newark Advocate passed on to me by a librarian who remembered me because he bought one of my sterling silver labyrinths for his wife 10 years ago.  According to the article, this fella (who I never heard of) that headed up the recent project moved to Granville 3 years ago where he helped what was once The First Baptist Church construct a portable labyrinth.  That is either an out and out lie, or a misquote as I was there in the mid 90's at what was then (really) First Baptist Church, and we made the portable labyrinth way back then...NOT 3 YEARS AGO!  What is more astonishing to me is that I don't remember this fellow at all, and I was involved in every aspect of the project.  I was on all the committees. I did the artwork.  I designed T-Shirts, and Sterling Silver medallions and jewelry to promote the project and raise the money to purchase the plans.  I was there from ground zero, and was even quoted in the Advocate at the time.
I have only had the new article for a few days, but I managed to pull out some silver and gold labyrinths that I made and have kept, and I know I can lay my hands on both the old newspaper article about the project from the mid 90's as well as the molds and templates.
This could be a marketing opportunity for me I realize, but I remember how mean that church was by the time I left the project.  I am told they were kicked out of the Baptist Convention, so that explains the wording in the article "what once was First Baptist Church".  As I recall they were revisionists way back then, and I would guess are revisionists now as well.  I have no idea why they would try to make a new false history of the portable labyrinth that is only 3 years old instead of over 10 years old, except that maybe they think they can finally make some money off of it!  From what I can see, after being away for 10 years is that Granville has the look and feel of a theme park small maybe they can re-promote the old labyrinth, and new people can take the credit for it.  That would be very much like the folks I remember from First Baptist Church mid 90s.  Up to their old tricks.  Thankfully, some of us are still around that can correct the errors whether they are intentional (revisionist) or not!
I can't wait to see what marketing products they come up with.  Since the bookstore on Campus features items less than $30, it is doubtful that my USA made labyrinths would fit into the game plan.  I would guess there isn't anything in that bookstore that is not made in China, and maybe not anything in the whole town not made in China either!
I met Nesley (the landlord I am counter suing in court this month) in Granville.  I was never sure whether she left Willow Moon Circle (First Baptist Church) out of loyalty to me, or was sent after me to spy on my activities after I left.  I confess I still do not know.  Certainly, she has more in common with the do nothing, outsource it, sell it cheap from China (even if it is poison) crowd I met in Granville when doing the labyrinth project.  Even then, they would sacrifice quality for profit.  I can see how I was in the way and not really the artist they wanted for the project.  They wanted my artwork, my dedication, and time, but they wanted me to just give it to them so they could cheapen it.
"Oh but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now".  Maybe when I am finished with dismantling Nesley on the 15th, I will put my labyrinths on eBay or something.

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