Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Case Of The Vanishing Books

In addition to the two other books I am writing emerges a short story called The Case Of The Vanishing Books.  Yesterday, I had three hundred hits on this blog.  Since I only have 22 followers (official) that means I have over 200 shadow followers (I average about 250 hits a day).  It only confirms what I already knew to be true.  That same church cult that has been following me since my teenage years continues to follow me in my middle age.  That of course is what ritualistic abuse is all about!  If you didn't read my blog yesterday, then do so today so that you can understand the magnitude and sophistication of this local and international cult.  I promise I will fill in the blanks as my story unfolds to me.  It almost goes without saying that the same church organization that would be worried about little Johnny's and little Janey's exposure to occultic (new age) materials in the school textbooks would also be threatened by any of that material in the local library.  Because of course we wouldn't want little Johnny or Janey to ever have "choice".  We wouldn't want them to accidentally learn critical thinking skills!
So what would a modern day book burning look like?  Well....dear readership (and not so dear readership), it would be the methodical elimination of those kind of books from the library.  But it couldn't be as obvious as an old fashioned book burning....it would have to be "occultic"...that is hidden.  In order to do that, the true guardians of the library would need to be distracted from the theft.  Dark librarians, and volunteers from the church cult would need to be sneaky in their methodology.  My short story The Case Of The Vanishing Books is about that theft.  I grieve over the loss of the books...I can only imagine that included in the modern book burning are works such as C. S. Lewis, and M. Scott Peck.  I remember the cult didn't like M. Scott Peck...particularly The People Of The Lie (which they are from all I have experienced).
In terms of my own growth and development, the carefully contrived witchcraft group, was supposed to what....make me turn towards Christianity?  Christianity has been the root of the systematic torture that I have experienced since my teenage years.  The loving God they promote isn't accessible to me, has never been accessible to me through the people of His church.  On the other hand...real witches have provided the knowledge I needed to escape the destruction of the systematic torture.  When my sister was killed and the church was trying to route me into an unneeded hysterectomy I received a letter of sympathy, and a suggestion that I get a second opinion about the surgery.  That letter saved my life.  I can only guess the hateful members of that church were meaning to murder me under the pretense of the operation.  This county has a hospital that has murdered people in the past...and the legal system is all but locked up behind a law library that you need a key to get into.  Current law books are being discarded....I noticed.  The control that this cult has over a persons life is vast. 
That is why they wanted my friend Cindy Parker.  She was a midwife, and the local hospital can not have midwives out there practicing...as their very existence threatens the local hospital.  Lucky for Cindy she moved away.  Not so lucky for me, I moved back to help my sister out.  My sister just happened to take up with a Frazeysburg "spirituality" circle.  I can only guess they are an offshoot from the original church cult that I was nearly destroyed by.  They have her, and I am sure they love bombed her, and then talked her into at least pretending to shoot the neighbors cat.  It seems that each time I try to either defend myself, my door, or my pets, I encounter law enforcement that would make me into the "offender".  I get it....I really do.  My cat isn't safe.  I am not safe....my friends, family.....not safe.  So what am I to do?  What am I left with?  I certainly can't write books at the rate they are removing them.  One of these days the evil church cult will turn on my sister.  I won't be able to help her as they drove a wedge between her and I.  I can only hope and pray (yes I pray to a loving higher power) that she is wise and will know from all I have told her previously what they are up to.  And they are up to a lot of things.  More things than just burning books and torturing survivors.  Don't go to Licking Memorial Hospital, or Moundbuilders Guidance center dear readers.  Those two places are dangerous to women, to children, and they have a whole Eugenic system.  They literally control all the eggs, birth and sometimes death.  If you use these two places you might not come out alive.  Stay tuned my readership....as you know and as I have said "I would rather be making jewelry and Christmas gifts for people".  But as long as this so called Christian Hate Group is operating as it has been and as it is...the best use of my time is to make sure there is documentation of their activities.  I can do that by writing fiction.  One of these days you are all gonna get caught.  In the meantime, reexamine your motives, tactics, and results.  I can pretty much tell you that I would never go to a church that had your hateful people there.  When Janey and Johnny grow up and go out there into the world, they may discover that they grew up in the town of The People Of The Lie.  They may or may not forgive you for taking away their choice.  What are you gonna do when they find out that magic and witchcraft are not nearly as dangerous as their own family and their own church?

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