Sunday, November 18, 2012

2013 Predictions

Next year I think I am going to enter my metal quilt (the next one) in this show.  I am already a member of the registry and have been to two previous shows.  It occurs to me that my metal quilts are a perfect fit.  I predict that my legal difficulties will be in my rear view mirror by then, the plaintiff probably having legal difficulties of her own as I am praying and doing every thing in my power to expose her frauds.  Mr. Blankenship may take the high road and retire before getting disbarred for his involvement in her concealments.....I know I would if I were him.  Even though he is in debt bondage to her for her bailing him out for his previous 8 counts of Fraud and Misconduct and reinstatement...certainly she would release him from that after all he has done for her, and his current state of health!  Maybe not.  I have seen her cruelty to animals, her cruelty to children, and experience my own personal wrath of Nesley cruelty.  Of course I wasn't in bondage to her as I don't share her prurient interests.  The scheduled trial is December 20th (end of days).  The Mayan calendar reset and good to go.  I don't believe a circle (Mayan calendar is in a circle) has an end.  No end, no beginning....just reset.  I look forward to the coming year and banishing negativity out of my life!

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