Sunday, November 25, 2012

Had They Already Set Me Up?

I look at this picture now and realize that Nesley had already drove the wedge between Lori and I.  Does Lori know how dangerous the Granville cult and Nesley's nest really is?  Did she already make a deal with them at the time of this photo.  Had she already sold me out to them.  Lori knew the story about the Granville cult as I told her when we first got together.  But she may not have known that they would come after me and try to harm me again using her.  I pray that there are others out there who would protect Lori from them.  Nesley is a pedophile (reduced to contributing and expunged from detection).  The teenagerer's in the photo of the three destroying my kiln are teenagers that Nesley brought along for the drug dealers and are now her "tenants".  They grew up in the cult environment and are now doing Nesley's bidding.  I could tell they were reluctant that day to break my kiln.  I forgive them.  Nesley on the other hand needs to be taken to task for all that she has done and continues to do.  I posted this be posted on Sunday.  Revisionists are hopefully resting for a day, but I am not.

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