Thursday, November 29, 2012

Post Card To The Cult From Concha Castaneda

Dear Members Of The Cult.  I wish to leave this "cultural desert" here in Licking County.  Please do not prevent me from leaving.  I promise I will write.
                                              Love Concha

If I could make up a post card to the cult and church of the double would be short and sweet like I have tried to be all my life.  I actually owe them a thanks as when I went down to help with Animal Rescue after Katrina...I knew instantly Anna and I were in a cult.  I knew because I had so recently stepped out of one (First Baptist Church).  But Anna didn't know, and they of course separated us right away and drove the old wedge between us so that by the time she and I did see each other...she was furious with me and refused to even talk to me.  That is what cults do, they divide friends and family.  I continued to try to see and get Anna to talk to me while performing duties like walking dogs etc.  I got out of there, and almost got Anna out of there too, but she was too indoctrinated by the time I was trying to drive us home.  It was awful, there was a gun involved of course, and at one time Anna had it pointed on me while I was trying to drive us to safety.  I was in an altered state of hyper vigilance of course.   I ended up stopping to call home after that and reached in my glove box and removed my registration and took it with me to the phone.  I did that because my intuition told me to.  Cops came while I was on the phone.  They questioned me coming to meet them from the phone booth.  Anna tried her best to have them take me, and give her my truck.  It almost happened....instead they took her somewhere and told me to beat it.  I made it all the way to Jackson  (Lucinda Song), turned around and went back for her.  It was a horrible time, but I did have the good sense to keep my distance from "NOAHS WISH" after I knew what they were.  It felt just the same as being in the Feminist Sunday School class, Willow Moon Circle, and The Labyrinth Project.  Exactly the same.  After I got home and recovered from the experience they sent me a T-shirt.  I guess it is so I can say "been there, done that, got the T-shirt". A couple years later I got verification about the Noahs Wish cult by about Terry Chrisp absconding with a few million.  That information that I didn't need, but if only David Anna's husband would have believed me instead of her....He found out I was right around the time she died...such a sad story with such a sad ending...friggin cults!  I wish there was someone in the cult I could cut a deal with to get the fuck out of here...but I know there isn't as they just want to control me, or destroy me till the end of days...  So the most powerful thing I can do to get the hell up out of here before I kill somebody, or be killed; is to keep writing about it and keep telling my friends and new friends about it.  So go on you fuck heads and reinvent the story of the Labyrinth.  I wish you light on your path.

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