Thursday, November 8, 2012

Recovery And Retribution

One week from today dear readership, I will be appearing in Columbus Small Claims court to try and recover some of what I lost due to my poor decision to rent from Nesley Thomas.  Had I known that she would deceive me I would not have risked the move.  So here she is with her smug mug staring boldly at my camera, not transferring title to the property, not paying the taxes, not registering the property as a rental.  You must wonder, as I do why the city of Columbus doesn't come after her for tax evasion, and fine her for not registering the property as a rental.  Should the city decide to look into the matter deeper they would find also several code violations such as a roof that has only tar paper and one row of shingles over holes the size of a man.  By the time some poor soul falls through, she will be out of the picture as she sold the property land contract within 8 days of my move...with my furniture, food, and clothing still inside.  Look closely at her face and you will see a person who believes she is above the law and almost a dare in the expression as well.  Was she daring me to do something about her destroying my kiln right in front of me?  This is only 4 days after she didn't get her rent money.  
My counterclaim on November 15th covers the loss of the kiln in the picture as well as some other surprises.  It is doubtful that we will see this smug expression when I am finished with her next week.  I regret that there has been a year delay.  And you can bet that I will do everything in my power to put Nesley Thomas on the city of Columbus's radar.  At the time that I shot this picture I didn't know that she hadn't transferred title, or paid the taxes on the property.  At the time of this shot I was confused by her behavior.  If you go to the county auditor site (Clarence Mingo) and enter 2108 Paul Drive you can see the stats of this property and even find some of the other properties that the plaintiff inherited.  Not all of them mind you.  I haven't decided if she just knows the loopholes to get around what everyone else has to do, or if it is her unethical attorney.  Maybe it is a combination of both.  Maybe if you hire an unethical attorney and use your knowledge from H&R block as a tax consultant...maybe you can get away with not having to take responsibility just like the plaintiff.
But maybe...just maybe it is just a matter of time before she is caught and fined.  Who knows, maybe her karma is going to catch up with her at last.  It might be huge at this point.  The universe is always on purpose, and the universe I operate in doesn't support people like her and will give her opportunity to change.  That is my wish and affirmation for the plaintiff...that she take this opportunity to change.  She deserves to lose her home, as she attempted to make me homeless.  But maybe she can avoid losing her home even though that is what she deserves.  Perhaps her intent was not hidden from the powers that be.  Perhaps the verdict isn't in yet.  Perhaps her time is running out after all.  Hey Nesley (pay attention), there is still time to do the right thing...or maybe not.  Maybe her time is really up this time.  We'll see next Thursday.  Let me be an instrument to expose her fraud.  I can't do much about her breaking her word, or deceiving me...but I can invoke the powers that be to shine a light on her deceits.  By all the power of three times three expose the deeds of Nesley LOL.

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