Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reality Vs. Agreed Upon Reality

For quite sometime I have pondered the subject of so called reality and agreed upon reality.  I have been rereading The Teachings Of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda before I go to sleep each night.  Castaneda distinguishes the two worlds as reality and non-ordinary reality and is completely stressed out by the oppositions.  It is comforting to read Castaneda again after all these years although I no longer share in the young Castaneda's terror of the non-ordinary.  For instance agreed upon reality would proclaim that there is no such thing as magic or sympathetic magic, therefore objects would hold no power.  In my world however, this is dangerously untrue.
I was searching for something in my workshop the other day and stumbled upon an object that Nesley Thomas wanted me to cast for her...a plastic toy circus train car from her childhood.  She left no deposit with me, so the object and her signature with the object lay dormant until the other day when I found it.  I realized in coming upon it what a powerful thing it was...both the signature and the object.  What a shame that she didn't leave me a deposit,  otherwise I would have cast it and I would not have it in my possession less than two weeks before our court appearance.  I admit that I laughed out loud hysterically when I found it because I know without a shadow of a doubt that Nesley has tried unsuccessfully to use sympathetic magic on me with jewelry that I made for other people.  Take the Celtic love knot for instance.  I made this piece of jewelry as a Christmas present for Lori Rayburn, our first Christmas together.  I am sure that if Nesley were to procure this object from Lori, that she would be able to perform some sympathetic magical mischief.  But since I never actually wore the object, it would have little or no harm on me...rather Nesley would be harming Lori with it.  It would be the very same thing, if she got a hold of Bonie Bolens boot knife, or even her own mothers ring that I cut the stone and made the setting for.  None of these objects were ever mine as I made them specifically for other people.  Nesley is a reckless dark witch and so I would not put it past her to try something like that.  Nesley does not possess anything that totally belonged to me.  She managed to seize a house full of possessions that contained furniture, clothing, and objects I purposefully left for her greedy, grandiose, and reckless soul to find.
One time she brought forth a pentagram that she claimed that I had made.  Not only did it not have my signature, but it was not a symmetrical pentagram.  It had three pentacles carelessly put together and my discipline would never allow for me to make an object that could be inverted.  So today I gleefully laugh at her folly, and know that I hold in my possession "the real deal".  Will I use it before we go to court on November 15th?  I honestly do not know.  If I did use it, then I would never know if I could legitimately beat her in court with the agreed upon reality evidence I plan on presenting.  The signature alone may be worth $3000 if she is a fool enough to deny her own handwriting as she did last time we appeared for the original eviction.  It is more likely that I will keep this object till after trial on the 15th.  Perhaps she would like the object returned to her...I know I would.  Maybe she would be willing to make an exchange...lets say for a the one she destroyed on May 4th (4 days after she didn't get her rent money).  One thing I know for sure dearest readers is that this upcoming court case has always been about something other than it appears to be.  I know that, and Nesley knows that!  So come November 15th, there will be a battle with seeming insignificance fought in a quiet courtroom in downtown Columbus.  I have snatched her victory away from her 3 times at least.  She is fighting me for a dollar amount that she can never collect on, and has thrown hundreds of dollars toward an outcome that may indeed backfire on her.  That is the agreed upon reality of the situation.  My opponent is grandiose enough to think that if she believes something to be true, that it is.  That is a pitfall to her thinking and it must be a lonely place to have to make such decisions from.  And while I have very few people I can confide in when it comes to non-ordinary reality, I do have "doubt" in my favor.  It is said that skeptics make the best magicians.  We'll see. 

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