Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Importance Of Revisionism In Licking County

I have been busy with projects for folks this week as well as rereading an important book on ritualistic abuse.  This is an arrow head from Flint Ridge State Memorial Park, where I did a workshop in June, and have jewelry for sale in the museum.  I don't ever quite know what sort of project I will be working on next.  It all depends on whatever seems to be pressing.  With my court trial put off into the future I am free to pretty much do whatever I want.  What I have always wanted was to design and create jewelry.
I won't be writing another book about cults or ritual abuse as that would be reinventing the wheel.  My book will be about my lifelong attempt at creating art and the pitfalls of how hard it is to do that when a nest of criminals want to harm me.  Lucky for me they want to stay largely undetected.  So if I really want to do serious work that is uninterrupted I need to spend time causing them to run for cover....long enough to get my project done.
Yesterday I wrote about my leaving Licking County in 1999 only to be followed by a "nest" that were already located in Columbus.  It would be difficult to explain the size of the "cult" as it expands and contracts as needed...just like insects.  I am also relieved that cult members are expendable.  In order to protect the core of the cult, they will eliminate members that are no longer useful to them.  I would imagine that Nesley and her sidekick Blankenship are answering for their inability to refrain and restrain themselves.  Their greed and grandiosity will be their undoing.  I have had 16 years to think about my experience with the Granville cult and have determined that at the heart of what they do is "Revisionism".  While they are attempting to alter the future by planting falsities in the local newspaper, cult members have been busy eliminating books and materials from out local library.  In 1999 cult members were shedding about 2000 books a year from just this one library location.  Do the math dear readership...something like 2000 times 16 would be around the number.  They can't be detected, so it has to be done in a way that they can not be caught.  I noticed yesterday that all the books that I read back in the 90's about cults, cult ritual abuse, mind control etc. are strangely missing from this library.  Why would that be?  It is simple really.  They don't want their victims to be empowered by knowledge that would diminish their hold on them.  They can't succeed in what they do if they don't have access to victims.  They can't have victims if they can't frighten them into submission.  I got free of these people because I left, and I educated myself on their methods.  They were stupid to send Nesley and Jean after me.  I figured "let em twirl".  It was better to know the demons that I knew than to worry about some stranger they would send.  I played along.  I got away, and I played along.  I regret giving that group of people the labyrinth.  I gave them something they will use to harm.  I gave them a new symbol for their revisionist vision.  They manipulated me into doing art for them.  Art that they will use to lure in the unsuspecting.  You see the labyrinth is a symbol that contains all sorts of symbology inside the symbol.  But in the hands of the ritualistic abuser it is simply a symbol for an elaborate trap.  One way in, and one way out.  A maze is psychologically frustrating, not so with the labyrinth.  It is what it is.  They can make up a new history about the has been done before and it is being done all the time.  But as long as there are folks around that truly remember...I say give them the rope and let them hang themselves.  Go on little Nazi's (leftovers from project paperclip and monarch),  get creative...flamboyant....knock yourself out.  I know who you are, and how you operate.  I won't be tricked or manipulated by you anymore....and you won't know it for you best not even take the chance.  You have too much at stake to risk sending stupid people after really do.  I won't be lured down to your paper (the Advocate) to correct the "facts".  I have already been contacted by people who wonder how and why someone would need to falsify something like this (the First Baptist labyrinth project timing).  But I know why you need to revise history.  I don't have time to educate the public that doesn't care...I want to make new art that is not for Nazi's.  You have played a very important role in my development.  Take a bow.  Without you I wouldn't need talismans or amulates.  Will I mention you in the credits?  Wink wink.....guess you will have to wait for my book.

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