Monday, November 26, 2012

Granville Aglow Meeting

Back in the late 80's or beginning of the 1990's I was invited to attend a luncheon at The Granville Inn put on by the Ohio Chapter of Aglow.
I also was urged to bring my friend Cindy Parker along.   The speaker was a woman who claimed to be born with no eyes, and of course she was the living proof of a modern day miracle.  I didn't believe the story, and I was warned early on in life not to fall for anyone ever telling me that my sight in my left eye would ever be replaced.  But the tickets for Cindy and I were free, it was a beautiful day, and The Granville Inn is a wonderful old historic building.  My friend Cindy was an herbalist and a midwife, so I understand why she and I were invited that day.  Cindy didn't make it through lunch or the speaker and she told me she was leaving because she felt people were glaring and staring at us.  Of course they might have been, but I wouldn't have noticed that if they were to our left as that is my blind side.  The lunch was pretty awful in that it was some sort of tuna mayonnaise item that I had to force myself to smile and eat...but I did grin and bear it.  Following the miraculous speaker the women of Aglow had a business meeting.  The main topic of conversation and concern was "the occult" and how it was effecting their children through TV, school, contact with people, etc.  There was not much discussion or debate on that, I mostly remember them being concerned about new age ideas in their children's text books.  The brainstorming about this resulted in the women deciding to create look alike groups supposedly to lure their own children to, instead of a genuine occult group.  It is pretty ingenious when you think about it.  But the Christian Right has always been very I was not surprised, and I realized they were concerned about people like my friend Cindy, and me...although I certainly could not claim any real knowledge about any one branch of the occult.  But we were targets that day and a lot of women got to see us....we probably had our picture taken.  
In 1995 I was invited to a spirituality circle called Willow Moon Circle that was formed out of The Granville First Baptist Church.  My mother died sometime around that time and my memory is somewhat foggy...but I tried to heal my grief by plunging into my art.  So I helped the Granville Church build the portable labyrinth that the local paper is saying was created 3 years ago.  I realize the labyrinth in the 90's was a trap...part of the look alike groups the Aglow women were creating 5 years earlier!  I didn't know I was in the trap, and I regret that I helped them make the trap.  More significantly was the pretense of the Church to be Welcoming And Affirming.  I didn't see either of those things.  It was all just an elaborate plot to get Gays to come to that church and sign their names, get on the mailing list...get their pictures taken.  All for the purpose of systematic torture.  Just plain ole mean White Supremacy Granville style.  I think the plan worked as the labyrinth lured in new age people and the circle lured in feminist witches, and the Church lured in homosexuals.  So the Granville portable labyrinth has to have a new history I am guessing because of course the good church needs fresh victims.  I will keep you posted my dearest readership.  My long time oldest friend who's parents were both ministers said to me once "Church People Are Mean".  I believe that sums it up pretty well.  But of course I know how far some of them will go....and ritualistic abuse, torture, rape, and murder are beyond mean.  May we all get what is coming to us! 
I still have the advertisement for that luncheon ladies.  It is pretty lame to fake miracles.  You worry about your children being exposed to the occult when all you can offer them is theatrical ploys.  No wonder they crave the new age and would turn from the church.  The very thing you fear and try to kill is the very thing that has kept me alive and surviving.  If it were not for real witches and real divination, I would have fallen into your traps and probably not be alive right now to write about it.  I wouldn't dream of asking for my sight back, when it has been replaced with a more powerful sight.  Run ladies, your time is almost up.  No one is going to fall for your labyrinth trap.  I promise you.

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