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Just Us

The origins of this tarot card are interesting in that it comes about originally because "someone" broke a promise.  Wink Wink Nesley,  Your time has nearly run out and now it comes down to Just Us.  You and me, and a little matter of you breaking a couple promises...and my kiln.  This is not so hard is about taking responsibility for your little fit of anger.  I will see you on the 15th and not a day sooner!  If you think you can beat this card, think can't.  You can file a motion with the court for continuance....which you have already done.  You can file a motion for a summary judgement which you have already done twice.  Your time is almost out, so you better just prepare to look at pictures of your bad ole self destroying my kiln, and prepare to explain your emails where you threaten me and stop trying to suppress my evidence.  Take responsibility for what you were proudly doing!  Come's not that hard.  It has cost you so much already.  Don't blow it now, by alerting the Judge further that you do not want him to know about what you have done.  Stop fighting it.  It is inevitable.  We are going to trial.  Make your stand, and if you don't have a case, then just let it go.  You can only win and get a blemish on my credit report.  There is no money in this contest for you.  Look it up, you can't garnish an SSI check.  Lori already knows you are a dumb ass, and has said so on many occasions.  She and I both knew, you have the money to get an attorney...and maybe....just maybe you can win.  So what!  But what are you winning?  You have already lost the most precious thing you could have lost and that was my loyalty.  My loyalty has been expensive to you.  You are trying to impress someone that thinks you are a dumb ass.  Ask her.  Go ahead.  Ask Suzi too.  Suzi came to me in January, with Curtis (two winters ago).  It was not a social call.  Plain City is pretty far away for a social call.  She came to share details with me...details about Lori and your involvement as "mediator".  Who asked you Nesley?  I didn't ask you.  I would bet money that Lori didn't ask you.  So why would you say something so stupid....after saying many other things that were equally stupid?  We are all in agreement that your maintenance man is only sleeping with you and out for your money.  He has a wife Nesley.  None of us are jealous of your affair with a married man.  Get over yourself.  Continue making a fool of yourself if you must....there is a card for that too!  All this energy, and money you have thrown at destroying me...because you are trying to impress Lori.  You're stupider than I thought.  Even if you win next Thursday, she won't respect you.  She never did.  It was all business.  I was the one that stuck up for you, and prompted her to come to your moms house to sell your possessions.  She didn't want to, and I convinced her she should...out of my loyalty for you.  You have repaid my loyalty with breaking your word, and breaking my kiln, for a woman who laughed at you behind your back....along with some of your other friends, who no doubt are still laughing behind your back.  It is true...and on some level you know it is true.  Tricks are for kids Nesley....silly rabbit!

Justice, in many Tarot representations, is Athena.
Athena was the patron goddess of Athens, credited with bringing not merely the idea of justice, but a model for justice, to Athens, Greece. Embedded in many versions of this card is the story of the cursed House of Atreus. Atreus broke a promise to Artemis, who in turn cursed his family, which was a house or lineage descended from Pelops and from Tantalus, who had fed his own son to the gods at a dinner party.
The story culminates with an episode involving Agamemnon, a hero of the Trojan War. Agamemnon was not always heroic, at least in modern eyes. He sacrificed his own daughter, Iphigeneia, to get a favorable wind to Troy. In vengeance for this unfatherly act, his wife, Clytemnestra, mother of Iphigeneia, orchestrated his murder. Their son, Orestes, in turn sought vengeance for the death of his father by killing his mother. He was then pursued around the world by The Furies, who avenged mothers killed by sons.
Athena then called an end to the cycle of vengeance and empaneled the first jury.
Justice mediates the various claims of right, of morality, of duty. In a world of scarcity, not every claim can be met. Justice, in theory, sets forth a system to judge between the claims. The tarot card is therefore typically closer to the notion of Jurisprudence than to the abstract concept of Justice.
The Justice card is closely connected to The High Priestess through its cross sum (the sum of the digits). Unlike the hidden knowledge of the High Priestess, Justice is decided in the open; we are left hoping that our intellect and our intuition take us to the same place.
Justice is also connected to Judgment (Tarot card), Key 20, the ultimate weighting of souls.
Maàt was a goddess of justice in Egypt. She ties Judgment with Justice, as she helped judge the souls of the dead. Therefore, on many Tarot cards of Justice, Maat appears.
The notion of Justice is older than Athena, of course, even among the Greeks. Themis, a Titan, lurks in the archetype too. She was a goddess of natural order, and judged souls after death. She is the intersection of the Sacred and Secular orders.[citation needed] Themis was the mother of The Fates, who must be accommodated.
Plato said that Athena came from Africa, and if that is so, it is likely that Athena’s origins lie in the Egyptian goddess Neith.[citation needed] Like Athena, Neith was a goddess of war and weaving, associating the card with the tangle of ordered threads that make up the fabric of communal life. Neith was also, in some stories, the mother of Ra, making her an avatar of the Mother Goddess who is the womb and tomb of the Sun. In Native American tarot decks, this card is sometimes associated with Spider Grandmother.[3]
Justice is also associated with the 11th card of the Minor Arcana, The Pages (at least in Waite and Ryder-Waite, who assigns Justice the number eleven). Pages represent the beginning of a journey. Justice is a necessary, but not sufficient, step in becoming fully human. It can be seen as a beginning.
While Athena usually upholds the existing order, demanding that everyone receive their due as defined by the current order, she is also the older sister of her brother.[citation needed] This is significant because the second child of Metis is fated to overthrow Zeus (The Emperor). Zeus ate Metis to prevent her from bearing this second child, but there are those who say he awaits the call, and that Athena may take up his mantel if he is never born. Then, Justice may overthrow Power.
When Justice appears in a throw, it usually signals that some injustice needs righting, that something in the world is dangerously out of balance. This could be interior to the Querent (not giving the self its due; arrogance), or it could be the calling of the Querent (to right some external wrong). It is important, however, that the Querent be aware that most things in the exterior world that they perceive (at least as mediated by a tarot throw) are in fact an externalization of some interior process or conflict.
Justice Reversed is the classic signal of life out of balance.
In Waite's classic version, to the right are represented the scales (Libra), signifying balance; to the left is the sword, signifying accountability.

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