Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ohio State Fair 2011

I didn't make it to The Ohio State Fair this year.  It sounds like a lot of fun though.  Last year I went and drummed.  I hadn't moved yet, nor did I have my orthotic inserts.  So it was a painful walk from the distant parking lot with my drum.  I used my radio flier wagon to transport my drum about a quarter of a mile.  But even with that I barely made it to the performance and back to the truck.  In between performances we walked through the art building and visited a horse show.  I couldn't resist buying an order of greasy french fries (salt and vinegar).  It wasn't a paid performance and I suppose had I felt better I could have enjoyed more of the fair, because at least our admission was free in exchange for drumming.  I put a lot into each drum event and I enjoy performing.  But as I get older I am finding that transporting my drum is getting harder and harder.  I am reminded that I played Tuba in high school for a season.  I don't remember how hard it was to transport the tuba or march with it.  I was younger I felt no pain, and believed myself to be invincible.  I got chosen my junior year to play in the Ohio State Fair Band the first year they allowed women to participate.  It was an honor and quite an experience.  My Grandpa Russ (O'Flaherty) loved the fair and took us every year.  I have lots of good memories associated with The Ohio State Fair. Maybe I will make it back one of these years.  This year I would be more drawn to an air conditioned movie theater than I would the hot pavement of the fair.  If you haven't ever been to The Ohio State Fair, then take the opportunity to go.  For a list of the attractions and performances go to this link.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Save Money On Water

I have been saving a lot of money this summer by using a rain barrel to water my plants. I water not only the 2 pepper, tomato, bean and cucumber plants here, but also 5 tomato, 4 pepper, 3 bean, and 1 stalk of corn at the community gardens. My landlord hasn't paid her water bill since 2009 and then she covered up the meter with the 500 pound kiln. Therefore they (water division) sent me a shut off notice. I had to pay not only my portion (1 year of water bills) but a large portion of her bill as well just to keep the water on. I am frugal when it comes to water use. I don't run a full sink to wash my dishes. I don't run a full tub to bathe. So my payment for being frugal. I get stuck with a water bill that isn't mine and no way to rectify the situation and recover my money except to go to court. I have an attorney on retainer that says I can file a counter claim when she tries to evict me. In the meantime I joyfully water my gardens with my rain barrel. Each time I use water from my barrel I am confident that I am saving money. If you are interested in cathing the rain and saving money see my website Got Rain?
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

There won't be any cake for me this year as it is too hot to bake one, and I am too poor to buy one.  If I were to bake myself a cake, it would be like the one in this picture (even though I am 53 and not 1).  I am usually cash poor on my birthday and it is no exception this year, as I had to pay a portion of my landlords slumlords water bill in order to keep it turned on.  It was $150 more than I expected and then there is always The Bureau Of Motor Vehicles that take a nice slice out of my July check.  I had to make some serious choices this month in order to not pawn my Les Paul.  So that is what I plan to do today...invoke gratitude, and plug in my Les Paul and play a few tunes.  Thank you everyone who sent me birthday wishes on Facebook this morning.  I was shocked at how many people took the time to write.  Thank you for the cards and the phone calls.  It has been a very hard year for me and Syd.  I imagine that by next year I will be in a much better place and can have my cake and eat it too!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Syd's New Poses

Syd has suffered much throughout this heatwave.  He come up missing the other night so I searched for him.  I found him on a corner of the brick pile up against the back fence.  They have their favorite spots...and their new favorite spots.  Then a spot gets "catted up" and is not a favorite spot any more.  I am not sure what happens to make a spot "catted up" and no longer suitable.  They are just delightful to observe.  They find ways to squeeze in places you wouldn't expect them to pick.  Syd has finally gotten acclimated to outside.  It has taken him awhile.  I am hoping he will adjust quickly to wherever we move to.  Mostly though, I worry about Stubby's cat colony.  They are so faithful to greet me every morning when I wake up.  Syd goes with me to both the doors to feed the cats at one, and the squirrels at the other.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cornflowers or Chicory

 This morning I saw what I believed to be Cornflowers at the fence line. It seems they bloom every year right around my birthday.  I have always loved the sight of them.  They are that in between color that is not quite purple and not quite blue.  So I decided I should blog about them today.  When I looked up Cornflower though, I realized that I was mistaken.  What I have always known as Cornflower is in fact Chicory.  On Friday I will turn 53.  I marvel at the things I am still learning and the things that I am unlearning.  I hope that I will always remain teachable.  Click here for information about Chicory

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happiness Is A Dry Basement

The basement flooded again yesterday.  My tools and equipment are in jeopardy every time it rains.  The water was in all 4 corners this time and it is clear to me that the promise of a dry basement last summer was as empty as the promise that she wouldn't sell for 5 years.  All just a lure to get me to move in here and start paying her rent.
Here is her snotty email about the wonderful house that she lured me too.  Now remember when you read this that my main concerns were a dry basement and efficiency..  Notice how she jumps back and forth from 1st person tense to second person. (She) and (You).  Notice how she is trying to shame me by comparing her place to other places I have lived.  Notice how she doesn't seem to understand that appliances come with apartments.  I think in order to get my money back that she owes me that we are going to need to go to court!  That's what I think, but in the meantime check out her convoluted email.

Really? A response... where to begin.

Lets start with the fact that you needed a place to live.
I had a tenant move out and was going to, at my leisure, rehab the house. But then a friend, a person I cared about needed a place to live...and I spent way more than I had planned to, to get the house so it would be wonderful for her. I bought a frig, a stove, a microwave AND a washer and dryer; which of your last landlords did that for you? I even rented it to her well below market value after the rehab, because I was aware she had money issues. She offered to paint the house as her deposit and to help pitch in since she was getting such a good deal on the rent. She rushed the workers and started painting before the walls were done, and she used paint that her other friend already owned. As for the rain barrels.... well I am not going to go down your laundry list of things that you can seem to find to nit pick at concerning Paul Dr.
It seems to me that all you have done since you moved in is complain about how things are not perfect in this house. I never promised perfect and if memory serves me you have lived in far worse places. So since you are so unhappy and I am such a bad and inattentive landlord I think you should probably start now looking for a new place to live for when your lease is up. If you continue to push me I will sell the property and forget about it and you.
Ask yourself after reading that.  Was she threatening me?  Now check out the further faulty logic in her next email.  She acknowledges in the first email that I have money issues.  But instead of going ahaead and fixing the water problems she goes on to tell me I need to move my tools and buy renters insurance.
No I will not be replacing your tools that's why you have renters insurance and if you are aware of a water problem in the basement then get the tools out that are important.

 Not only are there tools and equipment down there, but there is wood and supplies (harmful chemicals) that will be harmed by water that should never be stored in the house.  The woman is seemingly ignorant but she is not.  She is just arrogant and obstinate.  I discussed the logistics of all this before I ever brought a truckload of my things over here.  She is just trying to wiggle out of her promises and make it seem that I just complain.  By the time September rolls around I will have recovered half my rent money.  If we go to court I intend to get the rest of it.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mansion In Bexley

I think I found my new place.  It is a mansion in Bexley.  It was built in 1840 and has 13 apartments with well insulated new windows.  It is about $100 cheaper than here (the hood) has high speed internet for an additional $15.  Syd (my cat) is welcome there.  I have lived in mansions before, but never one this old.  I am very pleased with the location as it is right next to Capital University and walking distance to most everything I need or will want.  I may be able to audit some classes.  I certainly could volunteer to assist with their jewelry classes.  I miss my old volunteer post at The Arsenal.  I will only have to pay one utility and trash and water is free.  The walls are 14 inches thick (turn up the quiet) and there is coin operated washers and dryers in a DRY BASEMENT.  They faithfully report each months rent to the credit bureaus so living there would have so many advantages that I just can't wait to get my application in.  I have not felt this drawn to a place since 1986 when I was drawn to a house in Bath Maine that is now a bed and breakfast.  Last summer I visited the Governors Mansion in Bexley.  It seems so long ago now.  So much has happened since that visit.  Ted Strickland is no longer Governor, and the new Governor doesn't want to live in the Governors mansion in Bexley! I will be closer drum events. Looks like there are only 5 stairs to contend with.  Keep your fingers crossed for me faithful followers.  I am psyched!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Rubio The Cat

Rubio is part of Stubby The Cat's colony. He is a hansome sweet boy (neutered male). Today he helped me water my plants. He looks so small in relation to my pepper plant. I grew these peppers from seed starting in March, transplanting them in April and they are ripe and ready to eat this week. The cats are well, and find cool places to sleep during this heat wave. We enjoy our mornings watering plants, hanging up laundry, and filling the containers from the rain barrel to take to the community gardens. They romp around and fight for my attention. I noticed today the water pressure is almost gone in my rain barrel. I think that means we need some rain to refill the barrel. It is either that or the gutter is clogged again. It takes about 15 minutes of a downpour to fill up a 55 gallon rain barrel.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

This Morning

My phone rang at 6:50 AM this morning.  I can hear the phone as a distant noise, but there isn't any time to get to the phone before the answering machine takes the call.  At 6:50 AM I wasn't going to get out of bed to go see what message was there, or who might call that early.  I had stayed up half the night watching a movie from the library, so I slept in and didn't listen to my messages until after ten.  The message on the recorder was a rooster crow.  Nothing else.  So the harassment has begun.  I don't answer my phone live anymore as I knew I would be harassed with bill collectors and sales people.  I am on a do not call registry, but it doesn't stop creditors and predators.  This call is not that hard to trace as my landlord doesn't approve of the next door chicken farm and is apparently ignorant of the fact that egg farms in the city do not have roosters!  It was a prank that will cause very little in way of making me move any quicker, or even get out of bed any earlier.  Juvenile and pathetic.  It says more about her character than it does mine.  Perhaps it is my 24 hour notice that they are coming to mow! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Free Fans And Cooling Centers

I called for a free fan from Lifecare Alliance, until I can pick up my air conditioning unit.  Lots of folks are suffering this heatwave.  I have been lucky so far as I now have an inhaler to help me breathe.  I heard last night on the news that there are Cooling Centers through Columbus Parks And Recreation all over Columbus.  I will be looking for the closest one in case it becomes too unbearable.  I use the library, and trips to the grocery store to substitute cooling centers.  Yesterday I sat in an air conditioned waiting room to fill out my application for housing.  It is a relief that I won't be moving till September 1st.  That gives me time to relax and prepare for the move.  Hopefully it will be cool on both ends by then as I will have my new air conditioner set up on this end and can rest and cool down in between trips.  I am getting my ducks lined up and excited about my next place.  Looks like it will be through the HUD and Columbus Metropolitan Housing and I can enjoy reasonable rent rates that are below 50% of my total income.  I have not had that sort of break since 2000 when I was on the voucher program.  All these programs have eligibility requirements that are dependent on income and disability.  I feel so blessed that I can get help when I am in crisis.  I am reminded that crisis comes from the word cresos which means to sift. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Columbus Metropolitan Housing

I am on a waiting list for Columbus Metropolitan Housing. In the meantime I will continue to try to find a place that I can take Syd.  The disadvantage of CMH is that I won't get to choose where I live, and I won't get to take him.  He can always go back to Deming Avenue where I know he will be safe.  The advantage will be about $150 cheaper than it is to live here.  Maybe even more when you consider that I won't be heating the great outdoors every time the temperature drops and the furnace kicks on.  I am hoping the voucher program will open back up and then I will get to choose where I live.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Prescription Air Conditioner

My Doctor prescribed an air conditioner for me last week as I have been diagnosed with COPD and am eligible for a portable unit.  I would have gotten one last year, but my landlord had promised me central air.  Like most of her promises a lot of hot air, this one at least has a remedy.  I am even eligible for assistance to pay for the electricity it will use.  I am so blessed that there is an end to suffering in all this.  It looks like I will be here through September, so this is going to make my existence here bearable until I can secure the resources to move.  I had a place lined up, but without an eviction notice, I can't get financial aid for the moving truck and deposit on the rent.  I trust there will be a perfect place for Syd and me in September.  Until then, he gets to enjoy his outside.  I plan on coming back once a week to feed the cat colony and visit Stubby.  Yesterday,  I met the man who lost his mother to a fire here in 1977.  He was 5 years old at the time.  The fire was started by a cigarette of course.  Cigarettes are so destructive.  They cause so much anguish whether it be a house fire or COPD.  The whole time I have lived in this house I have picked up the cigarette butts that the workmen threw from the porch last year when they were remodeling.  I guess they are $50 a carton now.  A $50 investment in your next house fire and future COPD diagnosis.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Fifth Sacred Thing

I read Starhawks Novel several years ago and am delighted that she is bringing it to the big screen.  Please make a contribution to this project if you can.  As of today it is 58% funded.  I pledged $5.  I may read this book again and see if it rings as true today as it did back when I first read it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Electrical Outlets Are A Magical Thing

We take them for granted.  They are pretty mundane in a way.  When one stops working then we often just find another one that does.  My band saw, miter saw, and lights in my studio operate on three electrical outlets wired into a single breaker in the breaker box.  In December I lost one side of one of the outlets above my miter saw which I thought was a little odd.  But I was a good sport and just moved to the other outlet.  In June, that outlet stopped working in the middle of a cut.  I ran an extension cord to the next outlet and was dismayed to learn there was no juice in that one either.  That outlet also had a portable light hooked up.  So now with 2 outlets not putting out any electricity, I had no light, and no way to run my saws, grinder, and power tools in half my studio.  That pretty much shuts down my shop.  Yesterday, I had a guy look into the problem and this morning I am happily back to the grindstone.  The guy was puzzled as to why there were not three prong outlets installed above my machines that all have 3 prong plugs.  I suppose it was an economical decision.  However, it caused me to have to go out and buy 3 prong adapters for all my saws and grinder.   My landlord hired a general all purpose maintenance man that apparently doesn't know how to run electrical outlets in addition to not knowing how to bank gutters and hang doors.  He had told me she pays him half his usual rate.  I guess I should be grateful that anything around here was done properly at all  last year.  I know I wouldn't have a good attitude if I was working for half my rate.  I also wouldn't just drop everything on a dime when there was a problem and come running back to the 1/2 pay job site.  When I look around in wonderment at all the problems I have had to address here and pay for in addition to having to clean up after them, I am amazed this place looks as good as it does!  A working electrical outlet is a magical thing.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Here comes the sun 
Here comes the sun
And I say
It's alright!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Magician

In 1989 I was arrested in Coshocton County and was wearing a homemade pentagram.  Unfortunately, there was another witch in the jail at the time who had been arrested doing something disgusting with a goat in a cemetery that I won't go into detail about.  Needless to say I was treated as if he and I were the same religion.  I was interrogated for 2 hours prior to lock up and it is my equivalent to modern day witch hunting, torturing, and burning.  They still burn witches today, they just do it on paper!  To this day, I do not wear a pentagram everyday.  When I make one for someone, I tell them this story.  I think it might have gone better for me had the jailers not known I was a witch.  And while I am not ashamed of being a witch, I realize that flaunting it can get me a lot of trouble I don't have time for.  I don't want to spend endless hours defending myself and my religion to someone on the religious right.  Likewise, I don't want to be interrogated by the court system, prosecutors, police.  It just isn't something I like doing.  I would rather be in my studio making something and leaving the defense of my religion to someone who loves to debate.
Of course when I requested that the jailers allowed me to have a pack of tarot cards, they said no.  I had a librarian friend who came to visit me and I asked him to bring me a pack of blank index cards and the book The Feminist Tarot by Sally Miller Gearheart.  He brought me those two things that passed through the jailers discriminating eyes, and I began making each and every card.  I would make 5 or 6 of them a day with the jail bic black ink pens and my index cards and the book as my guide.  I was in there 45 days and by the end of my stay I was reading the jailers cards for them.  The very same jailers that denied me access to a commercial Waite Tarot Deck!  If you look at my Magician card closely you will see some modifications I made in the foliage.  The plants that I have used as my ally's, the morning glory, datura, cannibals sativa, are all in my handmade card.  I feel that my time spent making each and every card was educational and it turned a very unmagical environment into magical space.  Sally Miller Gearhearts Feminist Tarot is out of print and hard to get.  But I find it the most potent source and translation of the Waite Tarot Deck.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back To Work

Time too get back to the workbench while the weather is nice.  This is the next step in my friend Brenda's project.  I will solder the bezel to the back piece, then I will cut around it with my jewelers saw.  The stone is not shown in this picture.  It is a beautiful piece of Rhodocrosite that I cut two springs ago for Lori.  I am glad it is going to someone who will appreciate it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Two Of Swords

It occurred to me today (yesterday) that the tarot could help me unravel the mystery I am in the midst of.  My overall state of mind these days is dawning realization which is the reverse of the two of swords which is blocked perception.  I found out last week that my landlord has not paid a water bill since December 2009.  This led me to search the county auditors site for this property and today I found out that she has a tax lien flag on the property.  In both cases the property is not in her name.  Had I known all this, I would not have bothered filing for the weatherization grant.  It is very likely that she won't be able to authorize the weatherization grant unless the property is in her name.  It could be that she fears that the weatherization people would come in here with their test equipment and find out about all the huge holes in the roof that have not been repaired but only covered over.  The property is probably not worth the appraisal value from the auditors site.  And it certainly isn't worth what she is asking for it.  It has all been deception from day one.  She never intended to let me live here for 5 years.  She never intended to pay the water bill.  She intended that I be stuck with her bill.  She will have to pay back taxes in order to get the lien lifted.  She will be fined for not putting the property in her name.  There are several more properties that she is inheriting.  It is a lot to juggle and balance.  I learned the tarot by drawing each card on an index card, studying it,  wearing it on my person and trying to compare real life events with the occultic events on the card.  I never wanted to be a pretender.  I wanted to know the true meaning of the cards and of things in general.  This is why it is so difficult to deceive me for very long.  I can sense deception even when I can't see it.  Much of my work in martial arts was blindfolded.  I thank My Sensi George Annarino for that.  He knew that because of my one eye that I was at a visual disadvantage to my opponents.  The card 2 of swords is very meaningful to me and is now on my alter as I expect even more realizations to come to me in the near future.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Got Tomatoes?

It looks like I may have some Roma tomatoes starting to form.  I started these from seed in my front window in March.  So I feel like a proud parent.    A lot of people don't want to bother with starting tomatoes from seed.  They would rather buy them from Lowes or a garden center.  But I was very anxious about the winter being over and getting on with summer.  So these tomato plants were instrumental in keeping my sanity.  The seeds for these came from Livingston Seed Company right here in Columbus Ohio.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Amazon Affiliate Program

The other day I mentioned that my AdSence has been permanently disabled,  I had made about $50 since June 6th when I installed it.  They are secretive as to why they shut me down, so I will never know in all probability.  It turns out that there are other companies that will be willing to purchase ads on my blog. is just one of the many possibilities.  Most of what I know and what I write about can be traced back to books I have read in the past.  So for now is a perfect fit.  Most of the ads for books I will post here are also in my own personal library.  I may try to lighten my book load in the near future by selling some of my books on Amazon as well.  My upcoming move will be expensive as I am not physically well enough to move myself.  I will have to hire people to load up a moving van and to help unload the moving van at the new destination.  It is nice to know that my daily blog is generating a little income towards my move.  Hopefully my readers will be interested in looking at the books I post, clicking on the ads, and maybe even get their own copy.  Sometimes I get books from the library and inter-library loan.  This week I am rereading a book from the library called Publishing a Blog with Blogger.  I highly recommend this book and this is the second time I have taken it out of the library.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Garden Plot Or Plotting Garden

The garden plot next to me is still available.  I have one stalk of corn.  The rest of them got chopped off with my first experience with a hoe. I thought they were blades of grass when they poked their little heads up out of the ground.  This gardening thing is trickier than I thought.  I don't get over there as often as I would like, so the daily changes are dramatic.  The folks next to my plot are pros.  Not a weed in sight!  I probably should have stuck to Farmville and virtual farming.  I wonder what they think when they see just one stalk of corn in my plot.   There are bean plants on the way that I will transplant next trip over there.  I am going to experiment with a Native American technique called 3 Sisters where 3 plants use the soil generally used for just one.  My single corn stalk will come into play then.  It will serve as a bean pole.  I haven't decided on the 3rd sister just yet.  Perhaps squash or pumpkin will finish it out.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Book Of The Law

I have an appointment with Legal Aid this morning. Things are looking up. Thank you everyone who has given council throughout this harrowing process.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Witches & Warlocks

I have always been fascinated by the old English definitions of Witches and Warlocks.  Warlock as I understand the term means "oath breaker".  White witches have little to do with the dark arts, except in matters of psychic warfare.  Perhaps the most notable Warlock of the 20th century is Aleister Crawley or Creepy Crawley as I refer to him.  I have never been able to stomach him I have to admit.  He was a drug addict and pervert from what little I have read.  What more would I need to know?  And while sex can and should be joyous, I don't approve of pedophilia and corrupting minors.  My own experimentation with psychedelics, Canibus Sativa, and the Datura plant have been brief and for the purpose of deeper perception and understanding.  There is not much use in repeating experiments unless there is a point or outcome.  The recent problems with my landlord coincidentally have to do with "breaking oaths" or promises and the other parallels with Crawley are there as well.  If you are the sort of person that would break your word or oath, there would be little reason not to betray a child or an animal.  I understand that black magic is quicker than white magic, but it is diluted in the long run.  White magic triumphs!  Crawley died as a heroin addict in a rooming house putting a curse on his doctor for not administering any more heroin.  The doctor died an hour later.  Almost everyone associated with Crawley died in bazaar circumstances.  Like a crack addict, it is not the drug, but the lifestyle that will kill you!

Witch by contrast and comparison derives from wicca which means "to bend".  My silversmithing hobby requires me to focus my intent on such things as bending, shaping, and sometimes melting the metal.  I use fire to anneal and water to quench.  So there are elementals involved. There is not much new to silversmithing in modern times.  It remains true to its traditions.   There is also not much new in the technology of "truce breaking" or deception.  I can only hope that white magic will prevail in the end and that no animals or children will be harmed as this psychic warfare plays out.  White light surround me as I take the path away from the dark forces.  So mote it be.  

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unbending Intent

Yesterday I wrote about the struggles and personal challenges involved with my disability. I find that the concept and practice of unbending intent is what helps me overcome these limitations. I took the Castaneda books very seriously when I read them in the late 1980's. I am getting ready to read them again to see if I can extract even more knowledge this time around.  You can access this Castaneda Book from my link that have replaced the AdSence Ads.  I think it is a better fit than AdSense.  At least I get to pick which products I actually endorse.  I may sell some of my feathers on Amazon after I get a feel for the site.

  When I make a silver feather in my studio, it involves hours and days in terms of time. It has taken years to develop and perfect them. I could not make them in a mass production manner as they would lose their magical potency. It is not a well known fact that Carlos Castaneda was also a silversmith. He did not like selling his work. He enjoyed making objects and giving them to his friends. His father was a goldsmith, and Carlos didn't like the idea of the jewelry and ornaments being locked up in a glass case in a store. I felt relief when I read that about him, as it is almost exactly how I feel when I make something.
Inspiration and unbending intent can take an artist far into a project, but it falls short of marketing and profiting from the product. Without physical silver and the tools to manipulate the silver, inspiration and unbending intent lay dormant. My tools and equipment have been gathered and collected over the years and lovingly taken care of. It saddens me when someone carelessly abuses or disregards tools that have been consecrated. It would be sad to not be able to enjoy the magic of creativity. I am filled with gratitude for the gift of inspiration and I affirm that I will do everything in my power to protect my magical space from those whose intent is to destroy and abuse. It is my intent to finish all that I have started in spite of disability and distraction. I demand that my enemies GET OUT OF MY LIGHT! And if they don't...I would respectfully request that the universe remove them and their obstacles from my path and my light. For the good of all, according to the free will of all so mote it be.

Monday, July 4, 2011

AdSense Disabled

My Ads have been disabled. I have appealed of course. It may take a while to get that straitened out. All my life people have been jealous of me, my abilities, my situation. I am sure that my x and x friends that cheat too, have been over clicking my ads or something similar. I also have been having a little trouble with the Social Security Administration this week. I knew people would be angry at me for turning my x in for unemployment fraud last December. She cheated on me, and she cheated the system. She was genuinely mean and she called the police on me and wouldn't give me my cat. She will get what all cheaters get. They, (frienemies they call them now days) are trying their best to harm me any way they can. Their magic is weak and cosmetic...soon to be transparent. Putting a 500 pound kiln in the middle of my sidewalk, making false reports to the Social Security Administration, getting my ads shut down are all temporary form contingencies. Of course when it all gets straitened out, and the truth is discovered their could be repercussions. I risked prosecution myself if the unemployment bureau didn't find the second bank account I reported that my x started in order to deceive them! My x may well have gotten away with her working a job and drawing unemployment, but my medical history is pretty solid and much of the evidence they require has to do with being fired, being evicted, and not getting along with people... because of my disability. They are just helping my case when they work their evil spells, and make their calls. I didn't cheat, and my doctors don't fabricate evidence to cheat either. It has always surprised me that the social security administration doesn't field questions about other peoples attitudes, petty jealousies, and subsequent abuse; and how that all contributes to the disability in the first place. My mother kicked the crutches out from under a disabled man at our front door once....her hatred was so strong against crippled people! That's how she was...abusive. She changed later in life, admitted her prejudices and was genuinely sorry for her cruelty. And because of her, I don't and won't tolerate abuse, or meanness from anyone. I will meet it with greater force, deflect, and reflect it back on the abuser. It may very well be that when I see an attorney in the near future, I can get the full disability check with back pay all the way to 1990 instead of the partial check that I get now. I just hadn't gotten around to looking into it yet. I have been told that I qualify as my college education was paid for by BVR. I worked less than a year after college, and my disability claim was not handled by professionals. It is clear to me that my witch sisters are jealous of my income source. They better take care, they could find themselves disabled as the universe will take their jealousy and envy to be longing for the same ailments. Unfortunately girls you don't get to choose your disability. It could be blindness, or any number of illnesses. I guarantee you, you won't like the choices, and the money is not all that good. So take your best shot girls because when it comes back like a boomerang it is gonna smart! Happy Independence Day Everybody! I am moving my shop out of the wet basement today, so I can be more independent and thrive. This year of rusting away in the basement will soon be past and I can get on to the next project. Thank you everyone who supported my cat colony project, bought a feather from me, and clicked my ads. I have placed an ad in place of google adsense. Perhaps it will be even more profitable to be able to do my own advertising.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rain Day

I had to postpone moving my shop yesterday because of the rain. It was too muddy and treacherous to attempt. We will try again on Independence Day. I wrote a poem about July 4th a couple weeks ago, and they published it. You can read it here. Each time my articles and poems get read, I get a few cents. That money and the money I make with AdSense pay for my internet. I was going to have to drop my internet this summer in order to catch up on my utility bills. It was a long and cold winter followed by a very wet spring. I am hoping we have some dry days coming up so I can finish moving the studio and get back to my projects.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Workshop Move

Today is the day I move my woodshop to dryer and higher ground. This was a very dark corner that I had to supply lighting to in order to see what I was working on. This is a very small band saw and an even smaller belt sander that I use to make knife handles, drumsticks, bat houses, and birdhouses. Behind the bulletin board is a very dark crawl space. I was always just a little creeped out working anywhere near that area. Good riddance to the dark and damp!

Friday, July 1, 2011


I have a new follower. Welcome Derek. I am happy for your support.