Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Witches & Warlocks

I have always been fascinated by the old English definitions of Witches and Warlocks.  Warlock as I understand the term means "oath breaker".  White witches have little to do with the dark arts, except in matters of psychic warfare.  Perhaps the most notable Warlock of the 20th century is Aleister Crawley or Creepy Crawley as I refer to him.  I have never been able to stomach him I have to admit.  He was a drug addict and pervert from what little I have read.  What more would I need to know?  And while sex can and should be joyous, I don't approve of pedophilia and corrupting minors.  My own experimentation with psychedelics, Canibus Sativa, and the Datura plant have been brief and for the purpose of deeper perception and understanding.  There is not much use in repeating experiments unless there is a point or outcome.  The recent problems with my landlord coincidentally have to do with "breaking oaths" or promises and the other parallels with Crawley are there as well.  If you are the sort of person that would break your word or oath, there would be little reason not to betray a child or an animal.  I understand that black magic is quicker than white magic, but it is diluted in the long run.  White magic triumphs!  Crawley died as a heroin addict in a rooming house putting a curse on his doctor for not administering any more heroin.  The doctor died an hour later.  Almost everyone associated with Crawley died in bazaar circumstances.  Like a crack addict, it is not the drug, but the lifestyle that will kill you!

Witch by contrast and comparison derives from wicca which means "to bend".  My silversmithing hobby requires me to focus my intent on such things as bending, shaping, and sometimes melting the metal.  I use fire to anneal and water to quench.  So there are elementals involved. There is not much new to silversmithing in modern times.  It remains true to its traditions.   There is also not much new in the technology of "truce breaking" or deception.  I can only hope that white magic will prevail in the end and that no animals or children will be harmed as this psychic warfare plays out.  White light surround me as I take the path away from the dark forces.  So mote it be.  

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