Monday, July 25, 2011

Happiness Is A Dry Basement

The basement flooded again yesterday.  My tools and equipment are in jeopardy every time it rains.  The water was in all 4 corners this time and it is clear to me that the promise of a dry basement last summer was as empty as the promise that she wouldn't sell for 5 years.  All just a lure to get me to move in here and start paying her rent.
Here is her snotty email about the wonderful house that she lured me too.  Now remember when you read this that my main concerns were a dry basement and efficiency..  Notice how she jumps back and forth from 1st person tense to second person. (She) and (You).  Notice how she is trying to shame me by comparing her place to other places I have lived.  Notice how she doesn't seem to understand that appliances come with apartments.  I think in order to get my money back that she owes me that we are going to need to go to court!  That's what I think, but in the meantime check out her convoluted email.

Really? A response... where to begin.

Lets start with the fact that you needed a place to live.
I had a tenant move out and was going to, at my leisure, rehab the house. But then a friend, a person I cared about needed a place to live...and I spent way more than I had planned to, to get the house so it would be wonderful for her. I bought a frig, a stove, a microwave AND a washer and dryer; which of your last landlords did that for you? I even rented it to her well below market value after the rehab, because I was aware she had money issues. She offered to paint the house as her deposit and to help pitch in since she was getting such a good deal on the rent. She rushed the workers and started painting before the walls were done, and she used paint that her other friend already owned. As for the rain barrels.... well I am not going to go down your laundry list of things that you can seem to find to nit pick at concerning Paul Dr.
It seems to me that all you have done since you moved in is complain about how things are not perfect in this house. I never promised perfect and if memory serves me you have lived in far worse places. So since you are so unhappy and I am such a bad and inattentive landlord I think you should probably start now looking for a new place to live for when your lease is up. If you continue to push me I will sell the property and forget about it and you.
Ask yourself after reading that.  Was she threatening me?  Now check out the further faulty logic in her next email.  She acknowledges in the first email that I have money issues.  But instead of going ahaead and fixing the water problems she goes on to tell me I need to move my tools and buy renters insurance.
No I will not be replacing your tools that's why you have renters insurance and if you are aware of a water problem in the basement then get the tools out that are important.

 Not only are there tools and equipment down there, but there is wood and supplies (harmful chemicals) that will be harmed by water that should never be stored in the house.  The woman is seemingly ignorant but she is not.  She is just arrogant and obstinate.  I discussed the logistics of all this before I ever brought a truckload of my things over here.  She is just trying to wiggle out of her promises and make it seem that I just complain.  By the time September rolls around I will have recovered half my rent money.  If we go to court I intend to get the rest of it.

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