Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ohio State Fair 2011

I didn't make it to The Ohio State Fair this year.  It sounds like a lot of fun though.  Last year I went and drummed.  I hadn't moved yet, nor did I have my orthotic inserts.  So it was a painful walk from the distant parking lot with my drum.  I used my radio flier wagon to transport my drum about a quarter of a mile.  But even with that I barely made it to the performance and back to the truck.  In between performances we walked through the art building and visited a horse show.  I couldn't resist buying an order of greasy french fries (salt and vinegar).  It wasn't a paid performance and I suppose had I felt better I could have enjoyed more of the fair, because at least our admission was free in exchange for drumming.  I put a lot into each drum event and I enjoy performing.  But as I get older I am finding that transporting my drum is getting harder and harder.  I am reminded that I played Tuba in high school for a season.  I don't remember how hard it was to transport the tuba or march with it.  I was younger I felt no pain, and believed myself to be invincible.  I got chosen my junior year to play in the Ohio State Fair Band the first year they allowed women to participate.  It was an honor and quite an experience.  My Grandpa Russ (O'Flaherty) loved the fair and took us every year.  I have lots of good memories associated with The Ohio State Fair. Maybe I will make it back one of these years.  This year I would be more drawn to an air conditioned movie theater than I would the hot pavement of the fair.  If you haven't ever been to The Ohio State Fair, then take the opportunity to go.  For a list of the attractions and performances go to this link.

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