Friday, July 8, 2011

Garden Plot Or Plotting Garden

The garden plot next to me is still available.  I have one stalk of corn.  The rest of them got chopped off with my first experience with a hoe. I thought they were blades of grass when they poked their little heads up out of the ground.  This gardening thing is trickier than I thought.  I don't get over there as often as I would like, so the daily changes are dramatic.  The folks next to my plot are pros.  Not a weed in sight!  I probably should have stuck to Farmville and virtual farming.  I wonder what they think when they see just one stalk of corn in my plot.   There are bean plants on the way that I will transplant next trip over there.  I am going to experiment with a Native American technique called 3 Sisters where 3 plants use the soil generally used for just one.  My single corn stalk will come into play then.  It will serve as a bean pole.  I haven't decided on the 3rd sister just yet.  Perhaps squash or pumpkin will finish it out.

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