Thursday, July 28, 2011

Syd's New Poses

Syd has suffered much throughout this heatwave.  He come up missing the other night so I searched for him.  I found him on a corner of the brick pile up against the back fence.  They have their favorite spots...and their new favorite spots.  Then a spot gets "catted up" and is not a favorite spot any more.  I am not sure what happens to make a spot "catted up" and no longer suitable.  They are just delightful to observe.  They find ways to squeeze in places you wouldn't expect them to pick.  Syd has finally gotten acclimated to outside.  It has taken him awhile.  I am hoping he will adjust quickly to wherever we move to.  Mostly though, I worry about Stubby's cat colony.  They are so faithful to greet me every morning when I wake up.  Syd goes with me to both the doors to feed the cats at one, and the squirrels at the other.

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