Saturday, July 30, 2011

Save Money On Water

I have been saving a lot of money this summer by using a rain barrel to water my plants. I water not only the 2 pepper, tomato, bean and cucumber plants here, but also 5 tomato, 4 pepper, 3 bean, and 1 stalk of corn at the community gardens. My landlord hasn't paid her water bill since 2009 and then she covered up the meter with the 500 pound kiln. Therefore they (water division) sent me a shut off notice. I had to pay not only my portion (1 year of water bills) but a large portion of her bill as well just to keep the water on. I am frugal when it comes to water use. I don't run a full sink to wash my dishes. I don't run a full tub to bathe. So my payment for being frugal. I get stuck with a water bill that isn't mine and no way to rectify the situation and recover my money except to go to court. I have an attorney on retainer that says I can file a counter claim when she tries to evict me. In the meantime I joyfully water my gardens with my rain barrel. Each time I use water from my barrel I am confident that I am saving money. If you are interested in cathing the rain and saving money see my website Got Rain?
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