Monday, July 11, 2011

Two Of Swords

It occurred to me today (yesterday) that the tarot could help me unravel the mystery I am in the midst of.  My overall state of mind these days is dawning realization which is the reverse of the two of swords which is blocked perception.  I found out last week that my landlord has not paid a water bill since December 2009.  This led me to search the county auditors site for this property and today I found out that she has a tax lien flag on the property.  In both cases the property is not in her name.  Had I known all this, I would not have bothered filing for the weatherization grant.  It is very likely that she won't be able to authorize the weatherization grant unless the property is in her name.  It could be that she fears that the weatherization people would come in here with their test equipment and find out about all the huge holes in the roof that have not been repaired but only covered over.  The property is probably not worth the appraisal value from the auditors site.  And it certainly isn't worth what she is asking for it.  It has all been deception from day one.  She never intended to let me live here for 5 years.  She never intended to pay the water bill.  She intended that I be stuck with her bill.  She will have to pay back taxes in order to get the lien lifted.  She will be fined for not putting the property in her name.  There are several more properties that she is inheriting.  It is a lot to juggle and balance.  I learned the tarot by drawing each card on an index card, studying it,  wearing it on my person and trying to compare real life events with the occultic events on the card.  I never wanted to be a pretender.  I wanted to know the true meaning of the cards and of things in general.  This is why it is so difficult to deceive me for very long.  I can sense deception even when I can't see it.  Much of my work in martial arts was blindfolded.  I thank My Sensi George Annarino for that.  He knew that because of my one eye that I was at a visual disadvantage to my opponents.  The card 2 of swords is very meaningful to me and is now on my alter as I expect even more realizations to come to me in the near future.

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