Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mansion In Bexley

I think I found my new place.  It is a mansion in Bexley.  It was built in 1840 and has 13 apartments with well insulated new windows.  It is about $100 cheaper than here (the hood) has high speed internet for an additional $15.  Syd (my cat) is welcome there.  I have lived in mansions before, but never one this old.  I am very pleased with the location as it is right next to Capital University and walking distance to most everything I need or will want.  I may be able to audit some classes.  I certainly could volunteer to assist with their jewelry classes.  I miss my old volunteer post at The Arsenal.  I will only have to pay one utility and trash and water is free.  The walls are 14 inches thick (turn up the quiet) and there is coin operated washers and dryers in a DRY BASEMENT.  They faithfully report each months rent to the credit bureaus so living there would have so many advantages that I just can't wait to get my application in.  I have not felt this drawn to a place since 1986 when I was drawn to a house in Bath Maine that is now a bed and breakfast.  Last summer I visited the Governors Mansion in Bexley.  It seems so long ago now.  So much has happened since that visit.  Ted Strickland is no longer Governor, and the new Governor doesn't want to live in the Governors mansion in Bexley! I will be closer drum events. Looks like there are only 5 stairs to contend with.  Keep your fingers crossed for me faithful followers.  I am psyched!

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