Friday, July 22, 2011

Rubio The Cat

Rubio is part of Stubby The Cat's colony. He is a hansome sweet boy (neutered male). Today he helped me water my plants. He looks so small in relation to my pepper plant. I grew these peppers from seed starting in March, transplanting them in April and they are ripe and ready to eat this week. The cats are well, and find cool places to sleep during this heat wave. We enjoy our mornings watering plants, hanging up laundry, and filling the containers from the rain barrel to take to the community gardens. They romp around and fight for my attention. I noticed today the water pressure is almost gone in my rain barrel. I think that means we need some rain to refill the barrel. It is either that or the gutter is clogged again. It takes about 15 minutes of a downpour to fill up a 55 gallon rain barrel.
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