Monday, July 4, 2011

AdSense Disabled

My Ads have been disabled. I have appealed of course. It may take a while to get that straitened out. All my life people have been jealous of me, my abilities, my situation. I am sure that my x and x friends that cheat too, have been over clicking my ads or something similar. I also have been having a little trouble with the Social Security Administration this week. I knew people would be angry at me for turning my x in for unemployment fraud last December. She cheated on me, and she cheated the system. She was genuinely mean and she called the police on me and wouldn't give me my cat. She will get what all cheaters get. They, (frienemies they call them now days) are trying their best to harm me any way they can. Their magic is weak and cosmetic...soon to be transparent. Putting a 500 pound kiln in the middle of my sidewalk, making false reports to the Social Security Administration, getting my ads shut down are all temporary form contingencies. Of course when it all gets straitened out, and the truth is discovered their could be repercussions. I risked prosecution myself if the unemployment bureau didn't find the second bank account I reported that my x started in order to deceive them! My x may well have gotten away with her working a job and drawing unemployment, but my medical history is pretty solid and much of the evidence they require has to do with being fired, being evicted, and not getting along with people... because of my disability. They are just helping my case when they work their evil spells, and make their calls. I didn't cheat, and my doctors don't fabricate evidence to cheat either. It has always surprised me that the social security administration doesn't field questions about other peoples attitudes, petty jealousies, and subsequent abuse; and how that all contributes to the disability in the first place. My mother kicked the crutches out from under a disabled man at our front door once....her hatred was so strong against crippled people! That's how she was...abusive. She changed later in life, admitted her prejudices and was genuinely sorry for her cruelty. And because of her, I don't and won't tolerate abuse, or meanness from anyone. I will meet it with greater force, deflect, and reflect it back on the abuser. It may very well be that when I see an attorney in the near future, I can get the full disability check with back pay all the way to 1990 instead of the partial check that I get now. I just hadn't gotten around to looking into it yet. I have been told that I qualify as my college education was paid for by BVR. I worked less than a year after college, and my disability claim was not handled by professionals. It is clear to me that my witch sisters are jealous of my income source. They better take care, they could find themselves disabled as the universe will take their jealousy and envy to be longing for the same ailments. Unfortunately girls you don't get to choose your disability. It could be blindness, or any number of illnesses. I guarantee you, you won't like the choices, and the money is not all that good. So take your best shot girls because when it comes back like a boomerang it is gonna smart! Happy Independence Day Everybody! I am moving my shop out of the wet basement today, so I can be more independent and thrive. This year of rusting away in the basement will soon be past and I can get on to the next project. Thank you everyone who supported my cat colony project, bought a feather from me, and clicked my ads. I have placed an ad in place of google adsense. Perhaps it will be even more profitable to be able to do my own advertising.

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